Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last post for the year 2006. The past week was mostly spent downing alcohols with my aunt and her friend from Australia. I don't usually drink because I seldom have the opportunity to. So I can't really hold my liquor that well.

On Tuesday night, we went to Muddy Murphys - an Irish pub beside Orchard Towers, to have a drink. I like what was ordered for me. A pint of Strongbow Cider. Yummy. Didn't take a picture of it though. Anyway, the alcohol content was a 4.5% which was ok for me. The beer was smooth and have this tangy taste to it. We also ordered some fingerfood such as pizza and potatoe wedges with chilli crab dip to go with our drinks.


On Friday night, we went to Raffles Hotel's Long Bar to have Singapore Sling. It was my very first time at Raffles Hotel, and my very first time having Singapore Sling which I had no idea it existed until that night. We found a table and sat down after ordering our drinks. The whole floor was littered with peanut shells. A whole lot of peanut shells!

My Sg Sling and a box of peanuts to go with it

A closer look...

Almost finishing it. Yummy! More please... My pile of peanut shells behind the glass.

On the whole, I felt that Sg Sling tastes quite good. The taste of the alcohol was just nice for my liking and there was this sweet fruity tinge to it too. I like...

After finishing it, my face was a little flushed. Then aunt suggested another round of drinks and we were all for it. Ordered a jug of strawberry magarita next.

My share of margarita was very concentrated, very strong. Alcohol content wise was also very high.

Our strawberry margaritas and the empty jug

My very concentrated strong magarita which I struggled to finish

AAahhh... Managed to finish it finally. *hic hic*

By the time I've finished the second drink, I was very flushed in the face and the eyes. I could feel the alcohol coursing through my veins, heating up my whole body. My whole face was glowing like Rudolph's shiny red nose. I was very quiet, almost in a stupor, but not drunk. All I could think was - I'd better be able to walk straight and not make a fool out of myself.

And surprisingly, I really could walk straight later on when we left at around 12.30am. Phew...


Then on Saturday, I was having a minor hangover. Damn! I sure am lousy with drinks. But still managed to make it to the pool for a swim. Only did 10 laps and then went home. Didn't feel like going anywhere after that. Was feeling moody too. But Munster and gang invited me for a movie at Marina Square which I readily agreed to cos I felt like having company in the evening.

Watched The Curse of The Golden Flower. We all thought that the show was really good and we enjoyed it very much. Lotsa jiggling boobies, lotsa bloodshed, lotsa incest... It was one big majestic tragedy. Besides, Jay Chou's acting skills made us laugh and groan. Haha...

After that, we had some sushi and talk at Sakae before heading home. On the way home, received an SMS from aunt, saying that she's having Sg Sling again at Mariott Hotel's Crossroads. So I had the taxi uncle make a detour to Mariott Hotel and joined my aunt and her Aussie friend there. The Sg Sling at Crossroads wasn't to my liking, so I ordered Pina Colada instead.

My half-drank Pina Colada and a glass of iced water

Yum! I like Pina Colada very much. It's got rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, etc. in it. I swear there's something in the Pina Colada that made my hormones go crazy. *slutty smile* Purrs...

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's scary how my bro can feel my vibes through the monitor screen. Yikes!

P.S: So maybe I'm a little smitten bout TX, more than I want to admit it

Tried to test the waters tonight but he never really answered my question. Haha.. Maybe I did not disguise my attempt well. Maybe I'm rushing into things a little too fast, a little too early. Or maybe I'm just mad and very stupid to even develop a slight tingling feeling for a guy whom I've never met face to face with before - and expect the feeling to be mutual. *frowns*

But there indeed was an unmistakable tinge of sourness at the bottom of my heart for that moment.

Mad. Positively mad.

One should never lose hope

One should also know not to harbour false hope.

I don't know. I'm confused. And those who know me well would know I probably would drop this issue like a HOT dog (pun intended). The longest period of time which I carried a torch for a guy was 17 months? In the end, I didn't dare let him know how I felt. Anyway he's happily attached now. =)

Point is, why put myself through that kinda shit again? A waste of time. A whole lot of emotional drainage.

Fun meh?

A nagging voice at the back of my mind.

Sometimes, you really wonder what you are living for.

It's a wonder I'm still alive after all this time

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

I am sick AGAIN! *groans* I don't know why my immune system sucks to the core. Got a shock when I stuck out my tongue in front of the mirror and noticed that the back of it has a layer of yellowish mucus. My mom said it's due to heatiness, too much peanut butter. Gah!

I'm also feeling nauseous with a queasy tingle in the tummy when I smell food, which explains my very poor appetite since yesterday. Mom and aunt say it's a sign of anorexia. Me?! Anorexic?! Ha Ha Ha! Never! I just hope it's not another bout of gastric flu.


I thought I should say something about this. Does the problem lie with the people around me or me or both parties? 5 years ago, I had many friends. 3 years ago, I had 2 extremely close friends whom I can trust my dear life with. 1 year ago, I don't think I don't think I had any real friends anymore.

The 3 of us kinda drifted apart, due to studies and other personal commitments. Hardly meet up anymore, instead staying in contact via SMSes or MSN chats or if I'm very lucky - a phone call once in a blue moon. I treasure these relationships a lot. One of the reasons why I hold them so dear to me is because they have saved me from the brink of death more than once, being there for me in times of trouble.

Then I thought I found another very good friend whom I can connect with on a deeper level. Again, we drifted apart in the past year or so.

I think I have difficulty maintaining friendships. I also think I do make a bloody strong effort to hold on to this now very frail threads that bind us. I also feel that perhaps these special people who have special places in my heart don't feel the same way towards me.

Perhaps we should just let whatever we have between us to just erode to nothingness and not try to salvage it. But you know I'm too stubborn and that I love and care bout all of you too much to let that happen. So I will persevere till the very end and make things work out fine.

Despite all these obstacles, I have formed a new friendship recently with this crazy adorable female homosapien who goes by the pet name of Munster. Haha.. Through her, I widened my social circle and got to know more cool people. Really enjoy spending time with this cool chick who actually managed to make the once-arduous-task-of-shopping such a joy for me! Wonder what magic spells she cast on me. Muahahaha... Looking forward to another crazy drinking session with her and her friends.


No matter what, I am truly grateful for each and every dear friend who have stood firmly by me through my darkest hours, for putting up with my nonsense and for believing in me time and time again when all faith was lost. Thank you for bringing the light when things seem so bleak. Thank you for being the shelters which I could turn to in times of turbulence. Thank you for filling up my life with colours, warmth, joy, tears, laughter and sorrow.

Geez... I feel so emo tonight.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Currently at my gramp's for dinner and glutinous rice balls. I miss those home-made glutinous rice balls - the small plain red, pink, orange, white kind with the yummy sweet ginger soup. But don't have much of an appetite. I think I have the abilities of a clairvoyant. Woke up from the wrong side of the bed feeling moody and all. Turns out that today really isn't a good day. *groans*

With nothing better to do, I was surfing the website when I came across this :

As the most partner-oriented sign in the zodiac, why is it that you have so many relationship crises? Those scales you balance on your graceful shoulders surely make you the most reasonable of people. Well, you are reasonable but you're also very keen to set the balance straight, and that can involve an awful lot of ups and downs, and a fair amount of arguments. You are, of course, the most desirable of women - you know how to make the best of yourself, whether or not you've been gifted with perfect features and a figure to die for, and your charm is legendary. Men fall in love with you at the drop of a hat, and, given the work you put into the art of relating and the give and take of marriage, it's hard to see why they ever leave you. Well, to be honest, you tend to be the one to spilt the mighty atom: when you've waited long enough to get back what you put into a relationship and realized your other half is never going to meet you, even half-way, you finally leave. Admittedly, you almost always have someone else to go to, to lessen the pain and panic of separation, but you do own a pair of designer boots - and for walking all over your mystified men!

Most people consider Virgo to be the zodiac's perfectionist but it's you: you expect a knight whose shining armour never tarnishes, and you'll go from one love affair to another until you find it. What you really need to do, however, is accept that no man is perfect and that no matter how you try, you cannot change a leopard's spots. Another technique to help you find long-term happiness in marriage is to take a much slower and reserved entry into a relationship in the first place: allow him to show what he can do for you, let him do the work. Draw the lines in the sand from the outset, and with a little bit of Libran good luck, you'll create a perfect heaven of a relationship in which to spend the rest of your life.

And this :

Do you know a Scorpio who hasn't a tale to tell of passion and heartbreak? I don't. Your sign is all about the glorious highs and deathly lows of the great love affair. You were born to love, live to suffer yet to rise again, like the proverbial phoenix, out of the ashes of each painful lesson in love. There is something deeper and more compelling about you than other women, something that goes beyond physical appearance and charm: you have genuine sexual magnetism, which men cannot resist. Yet like all females who thrive on passion and are driven to extremes, your ardour can draw you into the most inappropriate and mutually-destructive liaisons. Fortunately, like the scorpion itself, you are tough and not only survive the most fatal attraction but always live to exact the sweetest retribution. Oh, that Scorpio sting in the tail...

What, of course, would make the path to love and happiness a whole lot straighter and smoother would be to make a choice with your head as opposed to your heart. But then, that would be to deny yourself those sojourns in the troughs of pain and despair, which somehow replenish you. Then there's overcoming your jealousy and possessiveness. You were not born with the live-and-let-live gene, but, with practice you can acquire the appearance of giving a partner his space and you can conquer the desire to put him through a third-degree each time he's late for dinner. It is true to say that of all the signs Scorpios are their own worst enemies: creating unnecessary conflict and suffering agonies over hurts, real and imagined, but let's not forget that the making-up more than makes up for all the aggro. Indeed, you have the capacity to continue living the grande passion well into the geriatric years!

*Crap; Fact

P.S: Very very very good advice given.

Most people who know me have difficulty believing that I'm a Libra. Their first guess would usually be the Scorpio sign. I don't blame them. I do think I'm a Lipio/Scorbra - a hybrid of Libra and Scorpio, a cross between these two signs. But looking back at the highlighted parts, I think I'm more Scorpio than Libra. How strange...

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Back to update my blog. Like finally... *rolls eyes* Ok! Snap out of this shit, bimbo! *slaps own head*

Was down with gastric flu cum food poisoning a couple of weeks ago. Please do not ever ever ever patronise the Banquet food court on basement 1 at Jurong Point shopping mall. I've seen cockroaches crawling on the walls there. Even if you had to eat there, do not, and I mean DO NOT buy from the indo-chinese mixed vegetable rice stall. Thinking bout it now still gives me the shivers.

I ate the vegetable curry there on a Friday evening, then went home and took a nap. Woke up at 11 plus and started feeling nauseous. Stayed up to 1 in the morning with a plastic bag on my lap, trying my darnest to puke, but finally fell into a troubled sleep with the plastic bag under my pillow.

Woke up bout 3 hours later from an excruciating pain in the abdomen. When I say excruciating, I mean EXcruciating - felt as if someone was wrenching my stomach with all his bloody might. That's when diarrheoa started and diarrheoa was like a damn bloody burst pipe. Splat! Bur bur bur bur bur... Splaaaaaat!!! I shall spare you from further horror. But that night, the toilet was my second bedroom.

Took some leftover medicine that my sister had for her gastric flu a month ago. Nearly fainted after my x visit to the toilet. Rolled around on the bed, clutching my stomach and groaning in pain. Slipped in and out of consciousness for the next 3 hours or so. At around 8am, during another toilet trip, I finally vomitted! Phew! It was pure relief. Luckily I had my plastic bag with me. So while my bowels were being emptied, I retched into my NTUC plastic bag. Out came all the orange semi-digested vegetable curry which filled 3/4 of the plastic bag. The sour smell of stomach acid stung my nostrils and the back of my throat, causing my stomach to heave once more and empty all the toxins out of my mouth.

Went to see the doctor in the afternoon.
Doctor: Hi, Stephanie. Why do you look so miserable?

Me: (thinking to myself - If I look happy, I wouldn't be here, would I, Bitch? Now quit the formalities and get down to making me well again!) *ignores the doctor and let my mother do the talking*

Was like a zombie for the rest of Saturday. Couldn't eat, couldn't stay awake for more than an hour. It was horrible. I don't ever want to go through THAT again. Rested some more on Sunday and Monday.


So here I am now, with a bloody sore throat. Seems like the tonsils got inflammed again. Damn! But I'm still eating fried stuff, spicy stuff, heaty stuff like chocolates, milo and peanut butter. Yum yum... Haha...

I digress.

Just wondering, why are bikinis so expensive?! They don't use much cloth! In my opinion, it's ridiculous paying more than $100 for 3 small triangular pieces of cloth and a couple of strings.

But, I still buy bikinis, ONLY if each piece is less than $80. Haha... I'm going to have two more bikinis to add to my collection soon. Yay!!! I hope my period ends soon, I wanna go swimming somemore. Staying cooped up at home all day makes me eat and eat and put on weight.


I liked the 3 days of continuous raining. It's so nice to sleep in and snuggle under the blankets. Spent a few hours yesterday finishing the tshirt design for my martial arts training team. But because of the rain, I didn't go for training last evening.

Heard from a senior that there will be another 3 weeks of training break. Like WHAT THE FUCK?! We just had 2 weeks of training break during early December and now this?! BAH!!!

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