Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm finally back from hiatus. So many things have been going on during this period of non-blogging. My aunt's fiance came to Singapore during the month of June. So I had to show him around and entertain him, blah blah blah...

Then I had this work attachment thingy in July. Whatever spare time I have during August and September was filled with gym, training and kickboxing. Life was good...

Turned 21 this October. Had a lunch treat at Crystal Jade La Mian Restaurant from a new friend cum soon-to-be training team mate and then a dinner treat at Boon Lay Raja Restaurant from Mommy. I also received my gold necklace with the key pendant. Birthday cake was an extremely sinful chocolate fudge cake. Yummmm...

But what made me finally come back to blogging was today's training session. I felt that it was horrible. I didn't give my best and I hate to make stupid excuses but it was seriously due to the lack of quality sleep that I couldn't focus.


Darn! I think my instructor was kinda disappointed with my performance today. Oh well, he isn't the only one feeling that way. But then again, we had some funny moments too. My instructor was demonstrating one of the disarms and mentioned bout hitting the groin with an open palm. Then I asked him why can't I use my knee or foot to hit/kick the groin area since it would be more powerful and less embarrassing than using the palm. Heh...

And during the sparring session, there was a few things my instructor said that sounded very wrong.

"Steph! If your partner is a guy, just give it to him good! He probably deserved it and you are strong enough."

"Good! Oh yeah, give it to me."

"Yes! That's it! That's the way I like it."

Then of course, there were the occassional groans and moans and what-nots. Not to mention my bums hitting his bums a few times. GRRRrrr!!!

Oh well... I shall sleep early tonight and catch up on more rest. There's training tomorrow too. Sigh... Damn ligament injury put me out of high impact workout for the moment! Not to mention an outbreak of rashes on my upper body.

Not good lah! Not good at all...

Oh! Before I forget...


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