Sunday, February 26, 2006

I don't know where to start. Neither do I know how to address this issue.

I don't feel that I should apologise. Because it was never my fault to start with.

Is it a curse or a gift? I have yet to come to a conclusion.

I am a woman. Yet I do not feel/act/speak/think like one most of the time. Maybe it is due to the environment I am in, plus all the rough patches I've been forced to go through. I wasn't given many chances to be a woman.

Circumstances depicts that I should be a man encased in a woman's skin in order to survive. Lethal combination, no? The strong mentality of a man and the physical lure of a woman is more than anyone can take. Needless to say, I view myself as a freak.

Yet, some people find this Freak attractive. Or at least, they are curious and mesmerised by what the Freak writes on this blog and her online persona. They expects her to be a stunningly beautiful lady who is very 'happening', and have no problem with self-esteem.

I only have one thing to say - I'm not all that you expect me to be.

To describe myself in 5 words, I would say - I am very screwed up.

I have no wish to agree to something which I know for sure I would end up kicking myself in the ass over.

I am not Beauty, I am The Beast.


Ask me what I want in a relationship now, and I have not the slightest idea. I'd always thought I have at least an inkling what my Significant Other would be like. But now, even that has seemed to vaporise. Haha... I'm hopeless.

I've lost the ability to love another, much less sustain a relationship.

Inner conflicts.

Parasites living in your mind.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

This sucks! Intersem break is coming to an end and I am still stuck with so much assignments, projects and revision to do!!! It's neverending. *pulls at whatever hair I have left on my head*

No wonder my menstrual cycle is going haywire too. I had my period at the start of this month, and three days ago, my period came again. Sigh...


Anyway, I went out this morning to do some business. Took a cab to wherever I was heading to. As usual, the cabbie uncle made small talk with me in a mixture of the hokkien dialect and mandarin.

Cabbie Uncle (CU): Wah! I actually wanted to turn left, but I saw you standing by the roadside, hailing a cab, so I quickly turn right. Heng ah..

Me: *give a big grin* Haha.. Oh is it? I see...

CU: Aiyo! You don't know ah.. Nowadays very difficult to make a living out of driving a cab in Singapore.

Me: *frowns* Umm.. Ok.. But Uncle, despite the oversaturation of taxis ah, sometimes I gotta wait so long for taxis. Sometimes, I can't seem to see any available taxis around.

CU: Tsk tsk.. You people forever so many complaints. Can never be satisfied one. You must understand us cabbies and be patient. Of cos, you have to wait for available taxis lah! Then what you want?! The moment you stretch out your hand, can hail a taxi immediately ah?

Me: *smiles politely* Umm.. Of cos not... But...

CU: *interrupts rudely* You say correct or not?! Not that Uncle want to grouse ah, ...

And yeah, you get the idea. So many times I wanted to elaborate and explain my words, he cut me off immediately. So obviously, I got the hint and let him rattle on while I watch the cars, trees and buildings pass by me on the road. After a while, he realised I was not responding, and his monologue kinda died off too.

Silence is golden.

However, my happiness was short-lived.

CU: What are you working as now?

Me: I'm a student.

CU: Wah! Still a student ah? Where are you studying at?

Me: A local university.

CU: Oh, no wonder. Still young lah. Give you another ten to twenty years to gain work experience in the society, then you will understand how Uncle is feeling now. No lah, I think another you will see my point in another five years.

Me: *smiles politely again* Orh.

CU: Luckily, my children are all grown-up already. I am driving a taxi now so I won't add on to my children's burden.

Me: I see.

CU: Still so young, no wonder you keep quiet and have nothing to say. Young lass, count yourself lucky to have met me and heard my words of wisdom. I am giving you a very valuable lesson now ok. Don't let my words enter one ear and exit from the other ah.

Me: Ok, Uncle. $5.70 right? Thank you. Bye.

Is that convincing enough, proof enough, that I am the type of girl you can bring home to meet your parents? Then what are you waiting for?! Grab StephieD now while she is still available!

Bad example of a sales gimmick.

Ok, after settling my business, I went to get some freshly baked Famous Amos cookies for my friends to thank them for lending me a helping hand. I seriously have no idea which type of cookies my friends like. Hence, I trusted my intuition and got them each a bag of mixed Chocolate Chip & Pecan cookies and Chocolate Chip & Macademia nuts cookies. Ermm.. Kinda burnt a hole in my pocket, but was well worth it. Then I happily took the cookies and went to meet them at their workplace.

Needless to say, we were all euphoric to see each other after a long time. Saw their new working cubicles and they were awesome! And my intuition was spot-on! They love the type of cookies I got for them. Haha... I am such a genius. Sat down to have lunch together and had a little chit-chat. Wasn't able to stay long because I wasn't a staff there, so I left after an hour.

After which, I went to my aunt's place to help my little cousins with their CA1 revision and also to catch up on whatever work I have to do.

So stressed. I am sooooooo stressed.

I wish I could be like my Xiao Dou Dou...

Life is all about food, play and sleep.

Hakuna Matata.

I wish.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stephanie Dara Ong --


A person of questionable sanity who starts their own cult

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

I told you so.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

I still remembered what my GP tutor always loved to say.

"Stupidity is an incurable disease."

So why am I suddenly reminded of this phrase? Well, surfing the Internet for interesting reads has become a nightly activity for me. Due to my intelligence resourceful nature, I dug up some stuff that got my attention. And I will not give you the links here, because the rubbish written there is absolutely not worth your time. But if you are really interested to know, leave me your email address at my tagboard, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Anyway, I've always wanted to write a disclaimer for my blog. Yet, I have no idea how to go about writing it. Besides, it is kind of troublesome to write one. I mean, my blog is like an online diary, an avenue for me to let out my frustration, to pen down some of my innermost thoughts and for me to spew nonsense and humour those who chance upon it. Hence, I see no need to have a disclaimer for my blog.

So what I came across made me realised that there are indeed people who have an IQ of negative digits. Anyone or anything with half a brain should be able to point out two things about me through this blog.

1) MY blog is dedicated solely to MYSELF, and NOT others. I blog for MYSELF, to express MY thoughts. I get my blogging inspirations here and there, so I don't blog just because of certain person(s). Don't flatter yourselves too much. So get this through your thick skull(s) - MY life nor blog does NOT revolve purely nor solely around a certain person(s).

2) Take 90% of what is written here with a BIG pinch of salt because Stephanie Dara is one hell of a crazy bitch. If you are offended, by all means, leave me a message on the tagboard to clarify. If not, the exit is just one click away. Just don't make illogical assumptions which will make u end up looking like the world's dumbest fool.

Phew... Thought I needed to get that off my chest. And there, I've typed the words in bold for easier reading and hopefully, better comprehension. If you still don't get it, it would be wise for you to just shrivel up and die off.

Pet Peeve 1: I cannot tolerate stupidity.

Pet Peeve 2: I hate cab-snatchers.

Was supposed to go swimming this morning. I woke up late and was unable to drag my arse off bed in time. So by the time I left home, it was already 10.25am. I wanted to catch the rays of the morning sun still, so I decided to hail a cab. 10 minutes later, there was still no available cabs. Instead, a woman her late thirties (A for A-hole) appeared then. She chose to stand at a spot 4.5m in front of me to hail a cab.

Makes me doubt her eyesight. Now now, I am not a girl of petite size. 4.5m is a freaking short distance! She must be as blind as a bat not to be able to see a tanned and full-figured girl at such a short distance. What got me fuming away was the fact that she got an empty cab in less than 5 minutes, and I was left standing under the hot sun again.

About 5 to 10 minutes later, there was this group of mother with her two grown up teenaged children that came and stood at the exact same spot A occupied a while ago. Now, they did look in my direction every few minutes. May I ask, aren't 3 pairs of eyes better than 1? Yet, they are shameless enough to flag for every passing cab that comes our way when I have been at the exact same spot for nearly half an hour. My middle finger was already curled and half-protruding from my fist.

So yar, in the end, I just gave up and went home. Yes, you may ask me why don't I go to them and give them a piece of my mind? Well, I just wasn't in the mood for a confrontation. Besides, it's just swimming. If it was a typical school day and I'm late for my lessons, I would definitely give the cab-snatchers many pieces of my fuckin mind.

Oh well, I failed to get my weekly dosage of the sun and the water and thus, ended up in a rather cranky mood for the whole day.


Another mindfucking issue - Parents of younger children nowadays are pampering their little ones far too much, so much so, they are becoming myopic and unreasonable.

First, they complained that learning the Chinese language is too freakin difficult. Ok, so the Chinese syllabus was changed/revised.

Then, they hope that schools will act as childcare centres whereby it will be more convenient for them to pick up their children at anytime they can/want/like. And they wouldn't need to spend that extra money hiring a maid or paying for a childcare centre.

Now, they hope that the schools' morning sessions can start at a later time because their little precious can't wake up in time and it pains them to see their little precious 'suffering' in the wee hours of the morning. Or it could be a bother for these parents to wake up earlier than their little precious so as to get them prepared for school.

I've gone through my primary school life of waking up at 5.45am, studying the very old Chinese syllabus and going home at the designated timeslots, without a hitch! I didn't even need a maid to help me, or my parents, or my grandparents or my aunts. And I grew up to be a strong, healthy, intelligent and somewhat independent young lady.

Parents, if you find it such a chore/hassle to send your kids to school, then do homeschooling or migrate elsewhere. Or worse comes to worse, don't have children. If you want to have a child, be prepared for a lifelong committment. A child is your own flesh and blood, your own responsibility; and not a goddamn Tamagochi toy which you can pass around the responsibility of caring for it to others.

A child will only stay cute for the first 10 years, or fewer, of his/her life.

After that?

Go figure.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What's the big hoo-ha bout Valentine's Day?! I just don't get it. Metaphorically speaking, I really don't get love/boyfriends/warmth/roses/chocolates on Valentine's Day. Ok, so I digress. It's just another typical 24 hours day. Anyway, I'll just admit to being a sore and bitter bitch who has got no dates and loving on Valentine's Day. VD = Valentine's Day = Venereal Disease and Cupid's spreading it.

I've still got tutorials to attend in school today. 3 tutorials to be precise. I don on a black t-shirt and a pair of black shorts to mourn this dreadful loveless day. 1st one up was Language Arts. As usual, Zee was late again. But mind you, the moment she stepped into the room, all eyes (including my tutor's, yes! My female tutor!) were on her, for a split second, before lesson resumed its normal pace. Reason being, Zee dressed up for Valentine's Day!

Zee always wears jeans/bermudas and a t-shirt to school. She also wears her spectacles, never wears makeup and carries a backpack. Today, she just transformed into a hot babe! She put on makeup and wore her contact lenses. She also wore this black, laced, figure-hugging top with a denim-miniskirt, complete with a small chic brown handbag. I kept stealing glances at her and we were both grinning away at each other.

Then, there was a one hour lunch break. It was horrible. I couldn't even have my lunch in peace cos' there were too many things on my mind. Was talking business in between mouthfuls of chicken chop with spaghetti during lunch with Liza, going through the details of our project group's showcase. After which, I was frantically calling almost everybody in my mobile's contact list cos' I had not printed out my other tutorial notes and time was running short, but all of them were kinda busy too. Bummer! In the end, I was also rushing to finish my lunch, and then rushing of to my next tutorial class.

Biology lab session was fun! I am in love with my bio tutor. He is such a witty and knowledgeable man with a good command of the English language. But too bad he's married. Damn! Too bad I'm only having him for two tutorial sessions because tutors are being rotated among the different tutorial groups. Boohoohoo!!! Was examining some bacteria specimens under the microscope today when I had a question. He was standing so very close to me as he looked into the objective lens of the microscope. So close that I didn't dare to breathe. Haha... So yar, needa examine loads of stuff - fungi, bacteria, reptiles, crustaceans, molluscs, etc; and then make sketches of them. My coursemates love my drawings and my tutor and the lab tech praised my sketches too. Haha.. So proud of myself. Will upload and share the pictures when I'm finished with the lab work.

During bio lab session, I was still busy sms-ing my frens to see if they were able to help me print out an extra set of tutorial notes. Luckily, I found Osman. He was my lifesaver for the day! Such a darling k. He replied 'Ok! No problem. Will meet you outside the tutorial room at 2.30pm.' I swear I almost cried with relief. He was a lil late, but it was ok. He passed me the tutorial notes and even refused to accept any payment from me, saying it was ok. OMFG! I almost blinded him with my 1000 megawatt thankful grin that lit up my entire face. Haha... I thanked him profusely and gave a mock kowtow.

When lessons finally ended at 4.30pm, I smsed my sister and asked if she wanna meet for dinner. She replied that she had a lot of work to do and didn't know what time she'll be home tonight. I replied that no matter how busy she is, she still has got to eat. And she replied some rubbish which I couldn't make any sense out of. So I replied her asking if it was a yes or no for dinner and I got no reply. And so I tried calling her, not once but 4 freakin times when she answered at last.

Background was noisy, so I asked her where she was. In town, she answered. In town doing what? Went out with my friends. You lil shit! Thought you had tons of homework not completed yet, still can go out with your friends?! Sorry, was all she could say. So are you still meeting me for dinner? No, sorry. Then couldn't you at least bothered to send me back a sms to confirm the dinner 'date'? Sorry, very sorry.

The problems with my lil sis, is that she places her friends above her family and she doesn't keep her words. So many times she had asked me to accompany her to do this and that. And when I have set a day aside for us, she couldn't make it. Why? Because she's going out with her friends, even when she is sick. Tell me, can I not be pissed with her? I even suggested Japanese cuisine for dinner, instead of Pizza Hut which was what she wanted but hesitated because of her sore throat and recent bout of fever. This is so very disappointing.

I'll prolly not speak to her for this whole week.

Anyway, this was what I drew in my organiser despite the lack of activities planned for today.

Fuck you, Valentine! Fuck you! =)

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.
What's done is done,
What's passed is past.

Formed this lil catchy poem when I was taking a bath this morning. Haha..


Anyway, this is another mindfucking session, as usual. And as usual, I wasn't able to get to sleep last night cos' of that 5 hours nap I took earlier in the afternoon. And as usual, I decided to while my time away, blog-surfing till 1.30am. So as I was blog-surfing, I came across a local blog which was dedicated mainly, but not solely, to the blogger's (let's call him C, shall we) sexcapades. The point I am trying to make is that, the link of this sex-blog was on a completely innocent-looking blogsite of another local blogger, and that just threw me off.

I disapprove of casual sex, and even more so, frown upon an 'open' relationship. Be it a FB, fling or Significant Other, as long as it involves physical intimacy, I still believed in monogamy. Anyway, C is an attached guy who loves the female anatomy very much. Yet, not only does he have regular sexual intercourse with his girlfriend, he also has countless physically intimate relationships with most of his female friends. C's main blog has got explicit details 'bout his romps and carries a link to his sub-blog, which is set up purely to showcase his talent in writing erotic literature about his sexual fantasies.

After reading both of C's blogs, I am greatly troubled, disillusioned and disheartened. He claims to love his girlfriend very much and that she is able to give him what he needed in bed. Yet he has no qualms about jumping into bed with another woman, a different one, every other week. So what's the world coming to? Am I the only one who finds it baffling comprehending the mindsets of 'youngsters' nowadays?

Well yar, this is not the first time I've came by a sex blog, local or not. So why do I choose to speak up only now? Because I've had had enough. Yes, the dick belongs to him, he is free to do whatever he likes. No, the size of his dick seems bigger than the size of his conscience. Yes, it's his blog and he can write whatever he wants. No, he still has got to fulfil something called social responsibility. Yes, if I don't like what I'm reading, bugga off. No, he could set a password and make his blog a private one, giving out the password only to others who share his interest. Yes, it's good not to limit your choices while you're still young. No, you needn't go so far as to go on a sex rampage. Yes, it's ok to blog bout how you and your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend had sex today. No, it's not ok to blog bout how you had sex with your wife/husband AND your girlfriend/boyfriend today.

What are we teaching the younger generation here?! That it is ok to fuck around because it's your birthright? That it is ok for your boyfriend/girlfriend to fuck around behind your back because what you don't know, won't kill you? That monogamy is a thing of the past and polygamy is the right way to live an exciting life because you are only young once? That your worth is proven only by the number of trophies you've bagged aka the number of women you've shagged?

Singapore is still an asian country. We are still asians. We have many esteemed moral values and traditions we pride ourselves on. So why allow the continued erosion of our valuable morals?! We are always complaining how the behaviourism of youngsters today are worse than that of yesteryears. So why don't we start being good role models now for them to look up to? Spare a thought for the much younger and naive generation. Assuming that on the average, a 10 year old is computer-illiterate enough to know how to get online and surf the Internet. How many of you out there are willing to take the chance of having your kids stumble across such pictures and websites like C's blogs, and grow up having the notion that sex is no longer an act of sacredness and physical intimacy shared between two lovebirds anymore?!

After all these babbling, I am NOT trying to convince all of you to abstain from sexual activities. Neither am I trying to act all saintly. What I am trying to say here is that, try your darnest to be with only one sex partner at a time and at least have the decency to be ashamed that you aren't able to remain faithful to a partner at any one time. Plus, there's nothing to be proud of, not cool at all, to be attached and shagging someone else who is attached too.

There was once when I thought and acted like C, except minus the sex part. It was Bro who kinda knocked some sense into me. I am extremely thankful for that. I am also very thankful to my mother for incalcating, instilling and drilling in me the good o' Chinese values. And I am proud to stand firm in my principles and beliefs.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My friend has got this on his blog. And so I took the honours and the hours to compile the list he has been looking for.

Top 13 Types of Women To Avoid

From Cambridge Dictionaries online, a woman is defined as an adult female human being.
From the Dictionary of Stephanie Dara, a woman may be one of the vilest creature on earth.

The Daddy's Girl

This is the type of girl who is potentially dangerous/hazardous to either the mental or physical health or both, and even more so if she belongs with the Mafia with big guns. She loves to bring out Daddy's name whenever she feels threatened or unhappy. Ever watched Meet The Parents? Daddy would warn her boyfriend to bring her home by 10pm on every date or threaten to kick the boyfriend's ass if the latter ever made her baby girl cry. Daddy 'will be watching you'! This may also be the kind of girl who will never grow up. Otherwise known as The Spoilt Brat, she expects to be excessively pampered.

Damage factor: 4/10 for a typical Daddy; 9/10 for a Mafia Daddy

The Dominatrix

No whips or tight black leather yet, you perverse lil sick shit! Rather, this lady has got an ego the size of Texas. She is very dominant in all areas of life and is always adamant on having her way and never fail to have the first and final say in all matters. Extremely opinionated and vocal, she will never hesitate to put down her Significant Other in public or in front of others. She may also be a domineering superior or a super careerwoman who drives her subordinates like slaves. You are merely her property.

Damage factor: 7/10

The Whiner

Just as the name implies, this girl is the kind who gripe, grouse, grumble, moan, sob, wail, whimper, whinge, howl and the list goes on. If such a girl is attached, she will most probably come running to her next best guy friend whenever she has got relationship problems. She would pour out all her troubles to you and cry on your shoulder. Also, this girl will remember your existence only when she is unhappy, troubled or lonely. So if such a thing has happened to you before, remember this girl will always just squeeze every ounce of sympathy she can get out of you.

Damage factor: 6/10

The Player

This is equivalent to the female version of The Flirt. This girl may have her arms around a different guy's every other week. Sick of sticking to routines, she like varieties. She could also be a potential heartbreaker and has no qualms 'bout hurting your feelings. She has a glib tongue and the gift of the gap to inflate your ego as big as you like. She has a built-in radar which is able to detect any two-legged human with a penis within a 5km radius or more. She is often insecure/incomplete without the company of a male. Committment is not in her dictionary.

Damage factor: 8/10

The Spendthrift

Please keep all your monetary assets and heart under lock and key when you meet this type. You can identify this type by the way she spends her money - output > input. She likes and dons on only the best - Gucci, Louis Vitton, Chanel, Versace, etc. In addition, this girl will waste no time in splurging all your money on whatever she likes, whenever she wants. She may also be the materialistic type, who only compares your worth to the amount of money you have in your bank. Like a leech, this girl requires high maintenance and will cling onto you until she had her fill and only leave you when you are penniless.

Damage Factor: 10/10

The Marriage/Relationship Wrecker

More commonly known as The Vixen or The Third Party, please steer clear of this breed. This breed is usually attracted to attached/married men like bees to honey. She firmly believes that she is able to get the love she always wanted from a man who loves someone else. Utterly bent on elbowing her way into a perfectly happy relationship to lodge herself between a couple, they would stop at nothing to get what they want. But I don't really blame some men for falling into her clutches, as the number of tricks this woman has up her sleeves are more than the number of stars there are in the sky.

Damage factor: 9/10

The Complaint Queen

She is never happy with anything. Her favourite hobby? You guessed it! Filing complaints, one after another, is her forte. Her sources of complaint range from late bus drivers and lazy colleagues to soups that are too salty. She would also love to threaten to slap you with a legal suit. She grumbles 'bout everything - her life, her work, her friends, etc. If ever you should meet her, you would end up with a sore ear and a saliva-drenched face. Anyway, her bark is worse than her bite.

Damage factor: 3/10

The Slut

Ever heard of the old saying about the difference between a bitch and a slut? A bitch sleeps with everyone but you whereas a slut sleeps with everyone and you. This breed of woman has an itch down under and the only cure for it is for her to sleep around with anything with a penis. She has had multiple sex partners and does not believe in monogamy or emotional involvement. Frequenting pubs, she is unable to stay faithful. She is also a walking time-bomb as she may be harbouring tons of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in her, or may even be HIV-positive. So what if she has always been using contraceptives? Condoms only reduce the risk of infection but given her long and sexually active history, which condoms can withstand the test of time/viruses?!

Damage factor: 10/10

The Two-Faced Bitch

This girl leads a double lifestyle and might even be diagnosed as having mild schizophrenia.
She may attribute her insincere behaviour to mood swings. She also owns a very exquisite weapon known as The Mask. The Mask enables her to be a totally different person once she dons it on. She hides behind many a facade. She can act all sugar and spice and everything nice in front of someone she dislikes too; saying unpleasant things about you to other people while seeming pleasant when she is with you. She can say one thing and the next moment, she would feign amnesia and deny having said anything of that sort.

Damage factor: 7/10

The Backstabber

This is a very common type, found in almost all climates and terrains. She also exists in many forms - as your 'friend', your schoolmate or your colleague. Her strategy: Befriend you initially so as to gain your trust. Once she has gotten your trust, she has got you eating out of her hands. Then she will proceed to reap whatever benefits she can from you before badmouthing you or smearing your reputation behind your back. Unfortunately, you'll only find out when it's too late and the damage is done.

Damage factor: 8/10

The Friend-Snatcher

If you are a very popular someone with wide social contacts, she will not hesitate to leech onto you and is extremely skilled at using you as a stepping stone to get to make friends. She is actually a subtle combination of The Two-Faced Bitch and The Backstabber. Hence, using the strategy of The Backstabber, she will slowly take over your place and be in the limelight. And after it all, she might act somewhat like The Two-Faced Bitch and pretend to be nice to you still, all the while lurking in the shadows, awaiting for more chances to snatch more friends away from you.

Damage factor: 5/10

The Plastic Barbie

Need I explain any further? This is Dawn Yang/Yeo the girl who had gone under the knife or hides herself under multiple layers of make-up just to look good/attract the opposite gender. Rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy-tuck, breast augumentation, double-eyelids, facelift, botox, blah blah blah blah blah. But hey, who could resist a beauty, man-made or not? Well, you should try your best to resist this one, unless you want her nose to drop off and fall into your bowl of soup; crush against her chest too hard and her implants have the tendency to burst and leak, leading to health hazard and a possible murder charge against you.

Damage factor: 7/10

The Rumour Monger

Also widely known as The Gossipmonger or The Broadcaster, she has too much time on her hands. Her most powerful weapon is her mouth. She also has a wild imagination and tends to dabble in fantasy more than reality. Spinning tales, exaggerating facts and then spreading them are what she does best. Identifying her is a breeze, as she is always the one talking and providing information about others in a group.

Damage factor: 6/10

These are only a handful of the kind of women to avoid. There are more out there. However, I also believe there are good women out there too. If only you know where to look. Keep your eyes and ears open.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Your travel type: Party Animal

The Party Animal always wears sunglasses during his vacation. He likes a good hotel, with a swimming pool and room service. A couple of drinks at night, maybe see a show, maybe roll the dice, that's the way to spend the evening.

Culture? A museum? The others can go while the Party Animal stays in bed. You'll find him by the side of the pool when you get back with a martini to get rid of the hangover.

top destinations:

Las Vegas

stay away from:

Ciudad Perdida
Darien Gap
get your own travel profile

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Was chatting with Adrian on MSN messenger in the afternoon and the conversation somehow went like this...

Adrian: So you don't go swimming or jogging anymore ah?

Me: Ah.. I got my period, how to swim or jog?

Adrian: Having period, cannot jog meh?

Me: Cannot, not safe. Supposedly will add a lil trauma to the uterus at this delicate period of time.

Adrian: Huh?

Then, I realised that Adrian has no idea what menstruation really is. And most probably, so does 70% of the male population and 20% of the female population. These people see menstruation as just a bloody mess that women pass out of their bodies every month. They would also link it to PMS - Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, which turns even the sweetest, cutest lady into a terrifying orgish creature.

And so, I proceeded to give Adrian a brief lesson, from a scientific point of view, what menstruation really is. Firstly, let's get acquainted with some female sexual reproductive organs.

So what goes on in the above when menstruation sets in? There are actually 2 cycles in menstruation - The Ovarian Cycle and The Uterine Cycle. What we are looking at here mainly is The Uterine Cycle. Notice that blue-shaded region labelled as the endometrium, aka uterine lining? The uterine lining is a thin layer of tissue which will grow and thicken as it nears ovulation (the release of the egg from the ovary into the fallopian tube and into the uterine cavity). Its growth and maintenence are triggered by two female sex hormones known as progesterone and oestrogen.

So when the egg is released and meets with a sperm, it will be fertilised and form a zygote, and then into an embryo which will then proceed to embed itself into the thick spongy uterine lining. Tada! Pregnancy occurs! Then again, if the egg is released and does not meet with any sperm, it will stay in the cavity for at most a day. Then the uterine lining will be shed and disintegrate together with the unfertilised egg and some mucus, and passed out through the vagina as the usual bloody mess we see. And ladies, it is normal to pass out pieces of blood clots during menses because these blood clots are actually pieces of the shed off uterine lining.

After finishing explaining to Adrian, he said he felt like a little student who just had a sex education lesson from a teacher. Haha... So like I said, when the uterine lining is shed during menses, the uterus is pretty fragile and delicate, and so I would prefer to keep sports to a minimum during that time of the month.


Good news for y'all men out there. Studies have shown that abstinence from sex or masturbation is detrimental to the health.

" "The perception is that if a man abstains for a long time, he'll improve his fertility," he says. "That's true to a point - five days - but beyond that, things start to go downhill a bit.

"The longer the sperm hang around in the male reproductive tract, they begin to degenerate, die, and release free radicals, which will then damage other sperm. It's a chain reaction - the fresh sperm coming down the tubes enter an environment of free radicals and get damaged."

In the next three months, not just will power will be tested. There are other physiological effects outside of fertility. "

For the full report, turn to page L10 of today's The Sunday Times Lifestyle section - Better Laid Than Never.

People dressed as sperm run across a road during a campaign promoting the use of condoms in Colombia. Yeah! Keep the sperm moving! It's good for you.

So go ahead, guys! You've got another good reason to masturbate/make love. Go wank! Go jerk off! Go make more babies! Go have protected sex! Ermm... I don't really approve the idea of casual sex, hence the tiny font. *cringes*

WildChild @ 11:09 pm | comment link here

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Able to make use of your tongue to tie a cherry stalk into a knot? That is so passe. Try making use of your tongue to make a baby abalone look like this...

3 gold ingots sitting in a row... 1 was eaten, 2 more to go... 2 gold ingots sitting in a row... 1 more eaten, 1 more to go... 1 gold ingot sitting all alone... Finally eaten, left no more...


Was reading today's The Straits Times - Urban and came across an article - Lonely Hearts Club, done as a Valentine's Day Special. Those of you who have a copy, you can turn to page 8 and start reading the interviews they did on 4 single male reporters.

The Love Retiree reminds me of me.
The Hold Out reminds me of Bro - Alex.
The Nice SNAG reminds me of Victor.
The Busy Guy is the one whom I most probably can relate to, the kind of man that I'd most probably be attracted to and the one whose words I'm gonna comment on.

"Deep inside all of us is a void that yearns to be filled by someone special. If that void remains empty, we fill it with other things."

In my case, I fill it with work, school, hanging out with friends and pampering myself with whatever little luxuries that my money can buy. People have asked me why do I bury myself so deep under tons of workload and push myself so hard. And I always reply that it is because I have no other commitments to lavish my attention on, so might as well make hay while the sun shines. Thus I fill my void with money-making and scaling to great heights.

But yeah, I'm still looking for that special someone who's big enough to fill and brighten up that dark empty void in me. Any interested applicants? *grins*


A cause for celebration - my period is finally here! After a break of 2 months, I'm euphoric to see that spot of red on the sanitary pad and get a whiff of that sickly sweet smell of blood at last. AAaaahhhh... Man, I feel like a woman!

WildChild @ 9:51 pm | comment link here

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Erm.. I hope you already had something to eat before reading this post. And even if you are reading this post on an empty stomach, please make sure you have something/someone beside you for you to sink your teeth into should you feel a strong urge.

Here goes nothing...

Warning! The pictures below may cause much discomfort and perhaps, traumatise the weak and starved.

Feast your eyes. Wow!

Ermm... I see drool coming out of your mouth. Should I stop? No? Ok...

Clockwise from centre: Fried crispy wontons, stir-fried kangkong, stewed pork and black fungus and stir-fried vegetables with fresh scallops.

Ermm... Is that your stomach growling that I'm hearing? You sure you can handle the next picture? Really? Ok...

Clockwise from bottom left: fresh clams cooked in spicy sauce with onions, stewed pork with black fungus, stir-fried kang kong, a big big bowl of good authentic sharks fin.

OMFG! Are you ok?! You're spasming!!! Don't die on me, please?! Someone call for an ambulance? No?! You just need to be sent to the nearest restaurant as soon as possible? Ok ok!!! Someone get that poor kid what he wants NOW!


Ok! Enough nonsense! Back to serious stuff. Those pictures were taken during last night's dinner at my aunt's place. She's a great cook ok! She whips up finger-licking good dishes and can bake well too and her three daughters have inherited her skills. I want to learn from her since it has always been said that the way to a guy's heart is through his gut.

Now I know what I've been doing wrong.

I've been punching a guy in his gut just to get to his heart and slice it open.

Umm... Ouch?

WildChild @ 10:41 pm | comment link here

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