Friday, December 30, 2005

Watch out for this new cartoon sitcom 'American Dad' on the 12am slot on Thursdays. I caught it last night and it was uber hilarious! It is sooooo totally America!

"American Dad"
© 2004 FOX

Having said that, I had another weird dream last night. I dreamt that I had brought my two hamsters, Xiao Dou Dou and Zai Zai down to the neighbourhood park for a walk. Then I released Zai Zai and Xiao Dou Dou onto the ground without a leash! Zai Zai dashed off first and was soon chased by a big dog. I shouted and called out loudly for Zai Zai to run back to me and she actually did! I scooped her up and turned around to see Xiao Dou Dou hanging by a cat's mouth! Fear gripped me. I ran after the cat and shouted at it to release my hamster, all the while worried for XDD's safety. But the cat outran me and disappeared with XDD. I made a report bout' my loss. Next thing I knew, someone from the pet shop called me and said they found XDD. I rushed over to find XDD actually living in a tank filled with water. I even remembered the pet shop salesgirl saying how traumatised XDD is that she's not even eating the food pellets!

Is this dream weird or is this dream weird?!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I've straightened out my thoughts already. No point dwelling on it anymore. Haha... Some of us just don't have the guts to handle the truth. Most people only want to hear what they love to hear.

To such people:
You are so shallow. So superficial. So cowardly. I'm not like you. In fact, I despise people like you. Too bad, I'm not such a person, I can stomach the truth, no matter how bitter or ugly it is, and I don't like sucking up to people.

I'm vocal, opinionated, frank and I don't mince my words. Don't you just hate me for my guts?

'Nuff said, I shall start preparing for my 21st birthday which is 10 months away. OMFG! I'm so old!

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I have come to realise,
That noone truly sympathise,
With the girl whose soul was broken,
And Her heart foul and rotten.

I have come to realise,
That noone knows Her world,
Once so bright and promising,
Now all bleak and in a downward spiral.

I have come to realise,
That noone understands her mind,
They misunderstood her intentions,
They condemned Her kind,

I have come to realise,
That noone truly looks into Her eyes,
Looking beyond the laughter,
Beyond the confidence that shines.

I have come to realise,
That noone saw the courage it took,
For Her to pull herself,
From Depression's cloak.

I have come to realise,
That I've been taken for a ride,
From the Light to the Dark,
From the Dark to the Light.

But now I'm back,
On Darkness's side.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

5 reasons why it sucks to be a dick

1. Your owner chokes you all the time.

2. You vomit whenever you get too excited.

3. You never get a haircut.

4. Your best friends are two nuts.

5. Your neighbour is an asshole.


Here's the late JIVAS x'mas gathering exactly 1 week ago on the 21st of December, Wednesday. When everyone has arrived, we marched down to NYDC for our x'mas dinner.

Our x'mas dinner at NYDC

Our dessert

Whatever was left of the dessert after the 5 minutes vicious attack of 4 very hungry girls

After which, we went to Polar Puffs & Cakes shop to get a mini hard chocolate log cake, then to Carrefour to get drinks before proceeding to Kbox. Viv bought some candles and a lighter to add to the romantic ambience.

Our log cake surrounded by the angelic lighting from the 5 candles

After digging into our logcake, we continued singing. Then at about 10.30pm or so, we had our exchange of christmas presents. Wore the reindeer hairbands that Eve helped to buy. Viv and Eve were laughing non-stop the whole night because of the silly reindeer hairbands. We left only at 2a.m that night.

Yup, that was my Christmas celebration with the JIVAS.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Friends are just like leeches.

They are suckers.

They stick onto you to get all the goodness out of you.

When they've gotten what they needed, they auto-detach themselves and drop off, getting the hell away from you before you realised you've been made use of.

Friends are just like leeches.


Update at 2.33am
I think I've rant and raved enough for the night. I've also came up with a solution to my problems. Thing is, I hope fervently that I'd made the right choice. It's the only way I've learnt how to cope when things start crumbling down around me. Will blog a little more later tonight.

Let Dara out now. You should never have kept her hidden. See what happened when you let goody goody Steph surface? Told you so, Dara told you so.

That's the little voice inside my head talking.


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Sunday, December 25, 2005

I still have not gotten all the photos. *frowns* And I'm still coughing my guts out. My throat feels like it's on fire and my voice is going off soon. It sounds almost as if I'm manja-ing or moaning or teasing or trying to be gentle and ladylike whenever I open my mouth to talk, but I'm not. To make it worse, my head feels heavy at times and I wanna puke. It's horrible to be sick. Argh!!!

And being the naughty girl that I am, I couldn't keep my hands mouth off two sinful things - cookies & ice cream. So on last Thursday which is Dong Zhi, I made this dessert with glutinous rice ball aka tang yuan and Dreyers Cookies n Cream icecream.


Then this afternoon, I had Dreyers Cookies n Cream icecream with cookies.

Sinful, isn't it?

It's no wonder I'm getting fatter and I'm not recovering at all. Oh well, I have a feeling my appetite's going downhill since this evening. Had porridge and steamed promfret. On normal days, promfrets end up in my stomach with much ease. But today, I had to force the fish down while trying very hard not to puke.

I feel like crying. What's wrong with me? Am I going to die? Sigh... I'm gonna just have plain porridge tomorrow. Can't wait to return to school too. Ha! My friends think I'm weird. Oh well, another 1 more week of holidays, you suckers! Enjoy it while you still can!

Merry Boxing Day! And no, I'm NOT a Christian. On the contrary, I'm antichrist.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

It's the eve of Christmas and I'm not out partying. Bummer... But I've got really good reasons. Was supposed to join Jas at The Intercontinental Hotel at Bugis where her friend was throwing a Christmas party. In the end, I backed out at the last minute.

1. I couldn't find anything nice to wear.

2. I was very sick. Down with a very horrible cough which made me hoarse. Was feeling feverish again and a little nauseous. Plus my eyes just took turns turning red.

P.S: A health officer informed us that someone from my opposite block has been bitten by the Aedes mosquito and was down with dengue fever. I do have some recent mosquito bites and am hoping that I'm not infected with dengue. Choy!

3. Jas's friend is the guy who looks like a guy but acts/speaks like a girl. He's pretty good looking and is a part-time model but once he opens his mouth to talk, especially when he laughs, it's a turn-off for most normal girls.

So anyway, I decided to stay at home, drink more water, get some rest, watch cartoons and drink my pi pa gao. Then Mommy informed me that my aunt just invited us over to her place for Christmas Dinner. By then, I was feeling better and tagged along. Well, the dinner was prepared mainly by her daughters, who roasted turkey, made pasta salad, oven-baked mushrooms, chicken kebabs, the different dips and others. My aunt made some fantabulous herbal soup! We also had christmas log cake, Baileys Irish Cream with vodka, champagne chocolate and strawberries. Yummy!

Very delicious roast turkey, tastes way better than the ones most restaurant made. Heard it was marinated overnight. Hence the heavenly taste. Yummy!

Turkey from the side, you like? Is your mouth watering yet?

Cold pasta salad with red, green and yellow bell peppers which add that extra crunch and zest to the whole dish. Black olives are also added. I have no idea what the dressing is made of though.

The whole table filled with food! A Christmas feast fit for a whole army!


Sigh... Wasn't able to blog bout' JIVAS Christmas gathering cos' I haven't gotten all the photos. Shall blog it tomorrow then since I don't think I'll be able to swim with Sapph in the morning. In the meantime,

to y'all!

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

OMFG! I only slept at 4am this morning and woke up before 10am. Not good, not good at all. I'm feeling so goddamned lousy today. Too many late nights spent watching television. Now I'm feeling feverish, with a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Not to mention ugly swollen wrinkled eyes. Eeeewww...


Backtrack to Tuesday 20th December
So I went back to TBP with Mommy again. She wanted to get two pairs of sandals from World of Sports because there is this 40% discount on the items if you pay by NETS. I paid for one pair of the sandals as my sis's christmas gift and it cost a whooping $119 before the 40% discount. You go do the maths! Haha..

Then we went to shop for my white gold jewellery pieces. Ended up with just 1 new piece cos' there weren't anymore nice and better-priced ones.

Double looped white gold earrings at $178, you like?

Damn my lousy phone cam. I'm seriously in need of a good digicam here! Help?! Sponsor?! Gotta be red k.

So after all that TBP shopping, I filled up endless lucky draw forms before heading down to meet the JIVAS for our manicure/pedicure session. Reached Bugis on time and I gotta admit this. I HATE PARCO BUGIS JUNCTION! It's like a maze with tons of entrances and exits AND I have no a very poor sense of direction. So I was sulking and all alone. Plus Eve wasn't around and Viv was late. Boohoo..

When the three of us finally met, we wasted no time in heading down to Liang Seah Street where the Pedicure/Manicure place was supposed to be. Found out that they've moved to Bencoolen Place. Ok, then we walked somemore to that place. By the time we reached there, my feet were killing me! When I took a peek into the place, I was thrilled and soooo very excited!

It may be small but very cosy! In the front windows were rows and rows of nail polish! Then there were two dryers for the fingernails and one big dryer for the toenails. We chose our colours, with Eve's girly pink and mine's copperish tone due to my dark skin tone and stubby fingers. Eve and I took the premier pedicure and manicure package for $50 while Viv took the premier pedicure for $35 due to her not wanting to damage her fingernails during her camping trip. Eve decided on a french manicure while I wanted nail art on my nails! Hehe..

5 big black cushioned armchairs aka massage-chairs-lookalike were placed behind this wooden screen. We were ushered to the chairs after choosing the colours. Next, we get to soak our feet into this warm honey milk bath. AHhhh... Pure bliss. One girl attended to my hands while the other attended to my feet. We joked and laughed and sighed happily throughout the whole experience. But I grimaced and cringed when the pedicurist attended to my toenails and feet cos' I have really ugly feet! She cut, polished, massaged, scraped and scrubbed my feet. Viv was giggling and laughing her head off and her whole face turned beet red when the pedicurist delicately massaged and scrubbed her feet. When the dry and thick skin fell off our feet in flakes during the scraping session, I frowned and muttered "Eh... Parmesan cheese.." which sent the three of us into another peal of laughter. The whole session lasted slightly over 2 hours. At the end of it all, this was the result.

Mine's the one in white thongs. Nice right?

My chubby hands. Got hock kee (fu qi aka prosperity) okie?!

Closer look, also useless. Damn phone cam!

My thumb. Damn, my phone cam really do no justice to the skilful artwork of the manicurist!

This is not my boyfriend's foot, it's mine! Fugly, I know.

The first time I ever did a manicure was an Express french manicure which was so-so. This manicure and pedicure session was really good! I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Superb nail art skills, good service, excellent work done on my limbs plus friendly staff! Money was well worth every cent! Will be going there again with Viv for a Chinese New Year manicure and pedicure. Haha..

So yar, after one whole day's activities, I couldn't wait to go home and rest my well-pampered feet. But some firritating scums just had to spoil it all. Got off at the bus stop opposite my block and there was a group of christian teenagers giving out pamphlets. Reminded me of a pack of hungry wolves who were eyeing potential targets for a meal. I ignored them and just walked towards the traffic light so as to cross the road to get to the other side. Lo and behold, there was another group of christian teenagers.

Side-track a lil:
Qn: Why did Steph cross the road?
Ans: To get away from the firritating Christians.

So yar, the green man didn't come soon enough for those assholes to have their chance to pounce on me. But I just crossed my arms, glared at them and shaked my head firmly, shutting them up even before they had the chance to speak.

When I got to the other side, I braced myself for another assault. True enough, there was a larger crowd of teenagers blocking the path. I clenched my fists and cut through the large group without saying a word. By this time, I was seriously pissed off and was ready to bite anyone's head off. All of a sudden, this brave Fstupid young man ran down the slope and stopped right in front of me. Before he even opened his mouth, I glared into his eyes and mouthed the word 'FUCK OFF', enunciating each and every syllable of the two words, and stomped off.

Finally reached the bottom of my block and just when I thought I have escaped from their clutches, I heard running footsteps behind me.

"Excuse me, would you be interested to attend this gospel rally my church is giving..."

I turned around before she finished speaking. If looks could kill, that lass would have been dead a million times over.


I practically screamed the last two words into her face and stomped off to take the lift up to my house. Don't know if I left that little twat traumatised or whatsoever. I don't care. I do have a thing against christianity and those morons who blindly follow and worship. Within a short distance of less than 1km, I get approached 5 times by these pests, who have no sense of shame. They kinda remind you of ghouls/zombies who just wouldn't stop until they've gotten what they wanted. AND I just wanna get home asap!


Ok, shall blog bout JIVAS x'mas gathering which took place yesterday, tomorrow. Gotta go register my modules for next semester now. Ciao!

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Gawd... My eyes feel so swollen and bulky. I think it's because I slept at 4am early this morning and woke up 6 and a half hours later. Booooo... My bio alarm clock's going haywire because it's the holidays!!! Haha.. Then again, there're only 2 more weeks left till the new semester starts. Speaking of which, I was bombarded by smses when I finished bathing this afternoon. "Results are out! Go check the portal!" screamed each and every sms. My heart went 'thump thump thump', a dull thud and with butterflies in my stomach, I logged into the portal to check my results. Imagine that relief, the mixture of jubilance and annoyance when I realised I did pretty well overall but had the scores marred by a goddamned module which gotten me the one and only C. Then again, I kinda expected a C for that sickening module. *shrugs* Oh well.. I'm gonna work harder for the next semester and aim for a higher score. Yes!!!

Then, I rushed off to go shopping at Tiong Bahru Plaza (TBP) with mommy and sis. I couldn't stop smiling when I though bout' my not-too-bad results. Called up the JIVAS to inform them that results are out already and also to enquire how they did. In fact, all of us passed!!! *group hug* Then I called up Yvonne too. She couldn't log into the portal even though she was using Starhub broadband. Lousy! Haha.. Nah, I think news of the release of results spread like fire and there were just too many people logging in at the same time causing the portal to be down temporarily. Hiak hiak hiak.. But Yvonne did well too! The both of us were giggling like two siao charbos!

Anyway, was planning to reward myself by shopping for my white gold jewellery pieces today. But when I got to the shop at TBP, the salesgirl we were acquainted with was not around = no discounts could be given/no good bargains = no white gold. *sobs* Nevermind, shall go again tomorrow. Yay!!! Then I bought two t-shirts from U2. Continued to shop around somemore, but didn't see anything to our fancy. Ended our shopping trip with some food!

The famous taiwanese oyster mee sua! $3 per serving. Quite worth it.

*slurps* This is what's in it. 3 oysters, shreds of chicken meat, a generous helping of parsley, a few drops of black vinegar, a dash of sambal chilli and the main ingredient, mee sua of course! According to my sister, this tastes just like shark's fin. I agree with her. It's just so smooth, literally slides down your throat. Besides, the thick soup base doesn't solidify like most mee sua soup would even after it has cooled. The taste of the thick creamy soup base is not at all overpowering or too heavy. The oysters are fresh and the black vinegar + sambal chilli gives it that extra tangy and omph! factor. Me and my sister finished this in less than 5 minutes and even licked the paper pack clean! The heavenly taste of the oyster mee sua lingers in your mouth, making you crave for more!

Good news! I've finished my X'mas pressies shopping! Yay!!! Time to do our nails tomorrow. Can't wait! *squeals loud and flashes my multimillion dollar smile*

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ok, just because tis the season to be jolly and tis a time for giving and tis da time for receiving bonuses, entitles charity organisations to benefit from us ah? For crying out loud, in case you have not noticed, we have a charity show for those suffering from heart diseases tonight and in January 2006 which is NEXT month, we're gonna have another charity show to raise funds! Whoopee!!! I'm excited of course. Why, you ask me?

Simple. I love to see how well mediacock artistes can act. The look of utter despair on their faces when they failed to complete their tasks. The look of utmost concentration on their faces when they are trying to do their thing. The tons of sweat and crocodile tears shed during their practices. The neverending reminders of telling the audience to dial the hotline and donate because they have put their lives on the line and the patients are in dire straits of needing donations. So shiok leh!

Compare those daredevil stunts the local artistes have to do with those song/dance items put up by overseas celebrities, you could see the difference in the level of intellect. What do I mean? Daredevil stunts = a few calls perhaps ---> LOOser!
Celebrities song & dance items = calls increase by tens ---> smart! *claps claps*

I do not have anything against charity shows and donations. Ok, maybe I do feel a lil negativity towards those twats. Seriously speaking, most Singaporeans do not get paid enough to donate continuously. Weeks after weeks, months after months, years after years. Honestly speaking, how many of you are tired of facing those rude/puppy-eyed kids in their school uniform, holding out endless tin cans at every nook and corner, asking for donations every week?! How many of us are tired of having nice shows shoved to another timeslot because we have to watch the same stupid stunts put up by the same stupid people asking for the same stupid things every few months? Wow, I guess that itself is enough to put Singapore on the map!

How about the Singapore Tourism Board putting up the dates of charity shows or donation drives on Singapore calendars to try attract tourists over? I'm sure the tourists would be very interested to know how philanthrophic Singaporeans are. Or should I say how such charity drives are being forced upon us and are milking most of us dry?


Finally managed to get my new spectacles done but I doubt it'll be ready in time for the Jivas Xmas Dinner Party. Then, I met up with my angelic 'twin sister' Yvonne yesterday to have lunch at The Pizza Place at Jurong Point. The finger food and beverages were superb! But the oven baked pasta was so-so. Then we went shopping for Xmas presents and also looked at some clothes. I bought only half the Xmas presents so I needa finish my shopping tomorrow! Haha..

After which, we went back to her place for some fun! Clean fun lah, dope! Haha.. I've always wanted to see her 3 months old niece. Her name's Dana, my name's Dara. Muahahha!!! She's so cute, so chubby, so full of expressions! She drools a lot too. Haha.. Yvonne's parents are very friendly and warm people too. Her siblings all know me beforehand and kinda accepted me as one of them too. Was there for bout' 4 hours and then I had to go home cos' it was getting kinda late. Yvonne and family invited me to visit them and their humble abode more often. Haha.. I will! She also invited me to attend Dana's 1 year old birthday next September! Yay Yay!! Looking forward to it. Then I shall take loads of photos with Dana and post it up here. The D&D girls. Dara & Dana...

On my way home, I bumped into another ex-JC mate of mine. Had a little catching up with him and promised to keep in contact. Hah! Tis the season for friends and family! I can't wait to see you girls for our JIVAS manicure/pedicure session and the X'mas dinner cum party!

Pretty nails and crazy fun, here I come!!!

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Friday, December 16, 2005

On the night of 15th December '05, at 11.03pm, something terrible happened or in Eve's words 'it's a blogger's worst nightmare'. A few minutes prior to that, my stinkay sis was hurrying me as she wanted to use the computer. And poor me was still adding some final touches and info to my blog's sidebar. On top of that, just HAD to lag and was taking an awful long time to save my template changes. So being the ol' impatient me, I clicked repeatedly on the 'Save Template Changes' button. When the page finally finished loading, something has gone horribly wrong. Horrors of all horrors! More than half my blog template code is gone! I tried to ignore that dull thud, that empty feeling at the bottom of my stomach and my nausea and decided to refresh the page again. Again, I was shown the same 1/4 of what's left of my original blog template.

I hurried to my blogsite, still hoping that there must be some kind of mistake and that everything will be back to normal after I've used wireless. But I saw only this.

Nothing! OMFG! N-O-T-H-I-N-G, nothing!!! Everything's gone! And stupid me did not have a backup copy of my blog template!

That wave of nausea swept over me once more and I was close to tears. I became agitated and continued swearing, surprisingly not at my sister or myself, but at Haha... So I went to all the different websites to get back pieces of my blogsite and was trying fervently to remember what was in my blogsite. 5 minutes later, I sms-ed Eve, crying out loud for help. Haha.. Eve came to my rescue and taught me how to salvage most of my blog template code.

First, go to and type in your blogsite address and do a search on it.
Next, click on Google's cache of the blogsite.
Then, right click on the webpage.
Finally, click on 'View Page Source' for the code.

Tadah! By doing the above, I was able to salvage 90% of my former blogsite. And in another 45 mins, my blogsite was as good as new and was up and running once more! Wheee!!!

Gonna build a temple now to worship my saviour, Eve!

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Aaahh... Yes, finally it's the last day of Camp Ignite! and these 3 days of travelling to and fro between my place and Ang Mo Kio has tired me and my peers out. Not gonna pen down too much of what happened cos' I've got 26 pictures to show y'all. Here goes..

The children awaits instruction on how to play the telematch games.

Smashing his face into the plate of white flour to look for the sweets hidden!

Fear of flour! So he gingerly used his lips to move the flour away and the tongue to dig through the flour to find the sweets.

Haha! Sweet victory but half the face covered in flour.

Puking their guts flour out into the drains at the side. See! Men are wusses. *smirks*

Balance the beanbag on the head before digging through the flour for the sweets.

Such jubilance after the game! And such dirty faces! Wahahhaa!!!

Awaiting instructions for the next telematch game!

Haha.... Sarah & Annabelle demonstrating how to play the next telematch game.

3-legged race to fill up a 1.5litre bottle!

Shaiful helping his team by cheering them on.

Nearing to the end with Shaiful's help. Great job, guys!

Lunchtime! Again, me and Fatihah were the Lunchtime Dollies! Satu Nasi, Dua Kailan, Tiga Ayam! Yummy! This time, no leftovers.

After having their lunch & workshop, the kids get down to their reflection time with their group facilitators.

"Help! Help! The Wicked Leprechaun's taking Firry away to be his wife!"

"The Wicked Leprechaun lives in The Dark Woods! *pants pants*"

"The animals told me that The Wicked Leprechaun lives in a big stone house! Let's go!"

"Shhh.. The Wicked Leprechaun's asleep but Firry knows his her sister is coming to save him her!"

"Hey, you there! Return our beloved Firry to us!"

"OMFG! Sinny has gone into another one of her laughing fits again!

"Laugh laugh laugh, laugh until you huff and puff! Giggle giggle giggle, giggle until you wobble! Oops, the wand broke while casting the spell...

After the comedy, the children wait eagerly for the prize presentation.

Last minute gift wrappers made of construction paper and masking tape and red ribbons. Haha.. Blue for the boys!

More pressies!!!

Clap Clap Clap! So many presents and awards given out. My my, don't they all look satisfied?!

After the day's activities, time to line up and go back to their childcare centre. Bye kiddos!


Did grocery shopping after the camp. Bought some pork chipolatas and jumbo chicken sausages. Had some of it this morning. Like what Cabz said - The bigger the better, the longer the better. Haha.. Whoever thought that eating sausages can be so much fun?! *winks*

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ok! I concussed again the moment I reached home today. But at least I managed to catch Spongebob Squarepants first before Mr. Snooze claimed me into his arms. The day started dreary due to the gloomy weather. But by late morning, the sun was out once more and shining fiercely. Was being roasted at The Merlion with Cabz who was waiting impatiently for news of lunch arrival. Haha.. And cos' I had to wait for the third group to arrive and complete the tasks at my station, I couldn't join the rest at The Musical Fountain for lunch. Instead, lunch was brought to me by Lynn, facilitator for the next group who arrived at my station after lunchtime. By the time I was free to eat, it was already 1pm. Lunch was two packets of fried rice with hotdogs, two bananas and a bottle of iced mineral water. Sat at the Merlion Walk to admire The Merlion and the scenery while having my lunch. Then I waited another 45 mins for the arrival of the last group.

After that, I followed the last group back to our final destination, which is at Siloso Beach. Was melting under the scorching heat and watching the beach babes and hunks with my peers. The guys just couldn't stop looking in the direction of the bikini babes lah. Haha.. As usual, lotsa fun, laughter and running about with the children on the beach. Finally the bus came to fetch us home. Phew! Everyone was dead beat and some of the children fell asleep on the way back. Now, I'm sneezing like crazy, no idea why. So I'll just let the pictures do somemore talking.

My shelter at The Merlion. See that red backpack on the bench? That's mine!

Singapore's symbol of pride, The Merlion. This was taken when I first arrived at my station, while the dark clouds were still dispersing.

A second picture of The Merlion taken from a farther distance.

Finally the sun is out and The Merlion roars! Doesn't it look majestic?!

The final group who's trying to complete the task at my station.

So engrossed in their task! Alim, the man in green, is our group's official photographer!


Omfg! I'm sunburnt again. Mom bought me a Mos burger for dinner. My very first Mos burger. Haha.. Tomorrow's the last day of Camp Ignite! and we'll be putting on the play I've wrote. I hope all goes well and the peeps did memorise their lines, when to enter and when to exit. Weee!!!

Ermm.. I just realised that I still have got tons of things to do after this camp and the deadline is tight! ARGH!!! Oh yar! Last night I had a really strange nightmare. I dreamt that there was this group of 4 psychotics who were after Viv and me, especially me. They bashed Viv up pretty badly and were terrifying the two of us to the extent that I picked up a dagger and stabbed one of the four psychos viciously and repeatedly, with so much force, in between his eyes. Needless to say, he died in a pool of blood and with his eyes wide open. I think I was still stabbing him post-mortem. Then when the rest of the psychos knew that I've killed their psycho friend, they came after me. One morphed into something like Chucky, that evil doll, and was coming at me. I immediately placed one of my feet firmly down on Chucky-lookalike's legs and with the other feet, stomped on his face and held him down like that. All the while, I was screaming urgently for my mom to bring me a pair of scissors or a chopper just so I could hack him into pieces and end this misery! Somehow, my weapons never came and I just woke up suddenly. The first thing I realised was that my legs were propped up in the right angle position and how hard I was still pressing my feet down on a book at the other end of my bed, as if I was holding on for my dear life. Umm... It all felt so real.

Stay tuned! More pics and updates coming up!

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Hollywood Hills
+ Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix

my babes

[*] Charlette
[*] Dee
[*] Denise
[*] Gladys
[*] Imms
[*] Jo
[*] Lil Sis
[*] Linyan
[*] Lynn
[*] Munster
[*] Rozie

my hunks

[*] Ahxing
[*] Amos
[*] Brudda
[*] Dan
[*] Darthsid
[*] DK
[*] Dude
[*] Hao
[*] John


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