Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Weather's rather cold and wet these few days. But it was bright and sunny yesterday morning! Haha.. Dragged my arse out of bed later than usual. Reached the pool at about 10.30am. Swam for a while, then chose a pretty isolated spot at the poolside to tan. Left the pool at about 1pm. Came home and slept some more. Was hoping that the morning will be fine and sunny today too, but seems like the rainclouds wouldn't go away. Oh well... At least, tomorrow will be guaranteed a bright warm sunny fun-filled day! Haha.. Cos' tomorrow The Jivas will be at the Escape Theme Park aka ETP! See, I even marked it down on my calendar, and yes, I drew it and Freddato thought it was part of the ETP ticket. Pffft...

This was taken using my Samsung phone

This was taken using my Nokia phone

Haha.. Yeah, I have got two mobile phones but that's not the point here. Point is, both pictures seem so blur, not sure if it's cos' of the close proximity at which I took the picture. Plus, the colours on both pictures came out differently.

Anyway, there was this community involvement project in school that I needed to take part in. Key word: Needed. Not wanted. Remembered the time when they dropped this shitbomb on us, I was bitching non-stop to everyone I knew in school. Wasn't very receptive to the idea of helping the less fortunate. Hey, I'm not a saint ok. I'm a selfish, stuck-up, spoilt, devilish, bitchy brat, I admit. To me, it's always Self above Community. Besides, whatever I'm studying/doing now is already making a very big contribution to our society already. Not as if I earn PEANUTS, more like dust specks. PFFFffft!!! Anyhoo, I'm cool with what we are doing for this project so I'm bitching less about the project now but there's continued bitching bout' some assholes in the group. Muahahaha!!! What we've chose to do was to adopt a particular childcare centre and we will be organising a 3D day camp for them. So well, I'm in charge of the design team in my group project. I shall now show the world what I have came up with!

This is the group logo we have decided on admist a few others and will appear at the top left corner on the front of the tshirt. But since we have scraped the idea of having camp tshirts, this will appear on the cover of the camp booklet.

This was originally the design which should appear on the back of the tshirt. But we've decided to do away with the tshirt idea due to the steep pricing. =(

Ok! I guess that will do for blogging time today. Need to think of contents for tomorrow's blog on another nonsensical list. Will blog more tomorrow and again on Friday morning after our Jivas-ETP outing. Pictures will be added. *squeals in delight* I can't wait! In less than 24 hours, it will be time for us 4 crazy girls to PARTY!!! Ah.. But I don't know what to wear?! Let's all hope for good weather tomorrow, shall we?! Time for Spongebob Squarepants now!

Whoooooo... lives in a pineapple under the seaaaa?

Spongebob Squarepants!

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Monday, November 28, 2005

I was so bored since waking up at 12 plus today and so I've decided to come up with something to amuse myself and humour you people. The most famous list of all times since the release of the movie "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days". Enjoy!

10 ways to lose a guy

1. Give him a hard slap on the face and tell him that he is the scum of the earth and will never be good enough for you.

2. Insists that he goes under the knife to look like Jon Jonsson to look more presentable so that you would be proud to be seen together with him.

3. Pull an Angelina Jolie-Billy Bob Thornton on him. Tell him that the vial from you contains your menses blood and that the vial from him should contain blood from his penis. Then take out a penknife and proceed to take off his shorts.

4. Buy him seven scottish kilts of different colours and insists that he wears them out on your dates if he wants to be seen outside with you.

5. Bring a different family member with you everytime you go out on a date with him and pay more attention to your family member than to him.

6. Make him watch a movie about male homosexuals with you. Afterwhich, you tell him that you have always been a voyeur and would love to see him making out and getting butt-screwed by his best male buddy.

7. Tell him how much his male buddies/parents/siblings/family/relatives/car/dog/tastes in music and clothes/hairstyle/career/lifestyle/dancing/drinking sucks. Throw in another 101 insults and he'll throw you out of his house.

8. Write him a timetable and be adamant that he sticks to it cos' you will be calling him every hour to check on him.

9. Demand that he hands over the contacts of all his friends and the passwords/userids of all his accounts, from email accounts to bank accounts, to you. Afterwhich, you proceed to call up all his friends, claiming that they are all having an affair with your guy and making a huge ruckus over the phone. Then you go on to withdrawing money from his bank account and splurge on that $10k diamond ring you've been eyeing for a long time justifying this act as retail therapy for the huge conspiracy he planned with his friends against you.

10. If all the above steps fail, it's time for the finale. Confess that you're ready to take the relationship to another level and he will be ready to take off his pants. When he does, look directly at his dick and exclaim with utmost disgust: "OH MY FUCKING GOD! THAT HAS GOT TO BE THE SHORTEST, SMALLEST, UGLIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!" Laugh hysterically and point at his penis as you watch it shrivel with the speed of lightning.

P.S: At first I wanted to title this list as "10 ways to get that asshole off your back". But then I realised that the only way to do that is through plastic surgery. Sounds so horribly wrong. That is, if you get what I mean.

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Where Are You?

[J. Roman]

I know you out there baby

So where?

There's someone out there for me

I know she's waiting so patiently

Can you tell me her name?

This life long search is gonna drive me insane

How does she laugh, how does she cry,

What's the color of her eyes,

Does she even realize I'm here?

Where is she?

Where is she?

Where is she?

Where is this beautiful girl?

Who is she?

Who is she?

Who's gonna complete my world?

Where is she?

Where is she?

Where is this beautiful girl?

Who is she?

Who is she?

Who's gonna complete my world?

La la la la la la la.. la la la la laaa.. La la la la la la la..


I'm starin out at the sky

Prayin' that he will walk in my life

Where is the man of my dreams?


I'd wait forever, how silly it seems

How does he laugh, how does he cry,

What's the color of his eyes,

Does he even realize I'm here?

Where is he?

Where is he?

Where is he?

Where is this beautiful guy?

Who is he?

Who is he?

Who's gonna take me so high?

Where is he?

Where is he?

Where is this beautiful guy?

Who is he?

Who is he?

Who's gonna take me so high?

La la la la la la la.. la la la la laaa.. La la la la la la la..

[J. Roman]

Where are you...?

There's someone out there for me...


There's someone out there for me...

[J. Roman]

I know she's waiting so patiently..


So patient...

[J. Roman]

Can you tell me her name?


Can you tell me his name?

[J. Roman]

This life long search is gonna drive me insane


How does he laugh, how does he cry,

What's the color of his eyes?

Does he even realize I'm here?

[J. Roman]

Where is she?

Where is she?

Where is she?

Where is this beautiful girl?

Who is she?

Who is she?

Who's gonna complete my world?


Where is he?

Where is he?

Where is this beautiful guy?

Who is he?

Who is he?

Who's gonna take me so high?


La la la la la la la.. la la la la laaa.. La la la la la la la..

[J. Roman]

(Yeah...I know you're out there...)


La la la la la la la.. la la la la laaa.. La la la la la la la..

[J. Roman]

Where are you?

I'ma look all over the world baby

Cuz I know you're out there

I know it might sound crazy...

But I love you

La la la la la la la..

Take A Listen

Chanced upon this song on the radio a few days ago while on the cab. Found myself wondering the same things too. Where is he, my other half? Clinging to that fragile thread called Hope, hoping against hope he will walk into my life soon. Imagining how he laughs, how he cries, the colour of his eyes. Does he even realise that I'm here waiting for him? Can anyone tell me his name? Sigh...

Not going to launch into the everyone-around-me-is-attached-but-I'm-not-hence-I'm-fucked-up story. Haha.. Anyway, I'm still angry with my mom. I know I'm childish but I couldn't help it. She went out and brought my sis along without asking me. She said I was sleeping at that time and that my sis told her I would be going to Sentosa that day. How frustrating! How stupid! My mom could wake me up and ask me if I wanted to join her or not, couldn't she? Furthermore, they left without a note nor breakfast/lunch and went out till late afternoon without even a call home to check if I'm alive. I woke up and found myself alone at home, and assumed my mom went to work and my sis to her school for CCA or out with her friends. I felt so betrayed, so left out. I only found out that they went out when I called my mom's mobile which was answered by my sis. Then I was talking happily to my sis until I found out that she was with my mom at my mom's friend's place. Started to raise my voice and a lil and blasted my lil sis with so many questions and later demanded that she get Mommy to give me a call when she return from the toilet. Still fuming away when my mom called 5 minutes later.

I lambasted Mommy with so many accusations. How could you not ask me along? How could you not even call to let me know you're out having fun with xiaomei? How could you not even call to inform me to cook my own meals? Yar, you only have one daughter and that is xiaomei! Yar, you favour my sis more than I! Yar, I'm not your daughter and you don't consider me as one! Yar, you believe everything meimei says and don't even bother to ask me! Can't you wake me up and ask?! Would it even hurt you to leave a note to show me that you still care bout' me?! You are always practising favouritism!

My mom's response? "Can you please stop being so unreasonable?! Ah mei said you would be going to Sentosa. Besides, we were only at my friend's house...." And I hung up even before she was finished. Trembling with anger and sadness.

That's just the way I am. Petty and jealous. Always trying to compete with my sis for my mom's affection, if not making sure that my mom treats us equally. Forever paranoid that my mom's favours my sis over me. Sigh... We haven't been exchanging words since then and that was two days ago.

Guess Mommy and I do have at least one thing in common - Bullheadedness.

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Goofy Result

Which DISNEY character are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla

I don't look/feel/act/talk/think/smell/like Goofy.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Umm.. Dare I greet the McDonald's delivery man without my bra on? Food for thought. Just woke up, slept at 3am earlier on. Thanks to the cool weather too!

Last night was a blast. Totally awesome! Me, Viv, Eve and Jas met at Marina Bay mrt station and took bus 400 to Chong Pang BBQ Seafood for our steamboat. Viv brought cans of coke so we don't have to spend too much money buying drinks from the drink stall. Ha! Then we started cooking, or rather Eve and I started cooking. Drowned our food in butter, soooo sinful! But it tastes heavenly. The fire was kinda too strong, so the butter was splattering everywhere onto everyone. My response was 'fuck! freak! dammit! Ouch!' followed by lots of actions. Eve's response was soooo shu nu, 'Oh Oh!'. Haha.. The cooking was followed by much pigging out and jokes! As usual, I'm the hyperactive kid in the group, jump jump jump around. I guess that's why I didn't feel too full after dinner. Pssst... Jas grew a small bulge at the tummy area and Viv had to take off her belt. Muahahaha!!! We spent nearly 3 hours at that place before proceeding to Kbox in a taxi, smelling all so greasy.

People go Kbox to sing properly - practise their singing, learning how to sing like the artistes, etc. That doesn't apply to us girls at all. Whenever we girls get together at Kbox, we scream, we shout, we jump, we laugh madly and loudly, we dance, we make noise, we get crazy, doing anything but singing. But yar lah, we do sing properly at times, but that's before some of us came up with crazy ideas and choosing crazy songs.

Paisey.. 5 minutes toilet break. Went to poo, and my poo smells like butter-cooked satay chicken which I ate last night. Haha.. Could see the white seseme seeds in it too. Wahahhahaa!!!

Ok back to last night. I can't remember what I did but Viv started talking bout' this Cao Meng (The Grasshoppers) song called Ai Bu Pa (Not afraid to/of love). The chorus went 'ALAMA WASABA PILIPALA AI BU PA! AI BU AI BU PA!' Umm.. Don't get it? Want me to repeat it again? Ok, here goes.


Yar man! We went absolutely bonkers over this song and started acting like a bunch of looneys when we first played the song. Trying to learn the dance steps, singing and shouting together with the song, even trying to imitate the actions of The Grasshoppers. And no, we don't even need alcohol to get us high! Soon after, we made plans for our Christmas outings. Then Viv suggested coming up with a clique name. So all of us wrote our names down and started messing around with the alphabets to come up with a name. I came up with the name 'Jivas' (gee-va-s), and it got us into another laughing fit cos' it sounds pretty much like *ahem*. Leave it up to your imagination lah ah. So we scoured for other names like elyphanine, st. eviansce, apunong, Oi Choy!, etc. But in the end, Eve suggested to sticking to 'Jivas' cos' it still sounds the best, the coolest! Haha.. Yeah! Presenting to you, a team of four girls, Jasmine, Evelyn, Vivien and Stephanie, who make up the group....

The Jivas

Then we decided to come up with a group poster and logo for our clique and experimented with different poses and themes like the '60s', 'cool chics', 'serious chics', etc. which sent us into endless bouts of hysterical laughter! So our next Jivas outing will be for a photoshoot and to finalise on our group poster and logo. We are gonna be zee next Big Thing! We are gonna be such a hit! I can already see it in my head.

The Jivas > XLX

After which, we played 'Hai Dai' which made us all laugh till we had difficulty catching our breaths! Viv and Eve were the best man! They played the game till they scream and shriek. Good thing I had a strong bladder, if not I'd probably have wetted my pants. Then there was this crazy idea to make our first Jivas MTV! Eve used her mobile phone as the videocam and positioned it on the tv set while the rest of us turned up the volume of the song and got ready. We stood on the sofa and then started dancing and screaming and shouting madly when the music came on. OMFG! I nearly broke my back and all of us were laughing till tears rolled down our cheeks. We laughed again when we replayed the video on the phone. You can't imagine how much we laughed last night!

And NO! We won't show our very first mtv here. It's too...wild! Hahaha... By 1am, we were all so stinky, sticky, tired, our voices hoarse and ready to go home. Weeee!!! Me and Eve shared a cab cos' we live quite near to each other. And I'm pretty sure we stunk up the whole cab pretty badly cos' the cabbie was coughing at times. OOops...

Steph's stink > (Jas + Viv + Eve)'s stink

To sum it all up...

Cost of BBQ: $12
Cost of drinks: $3.50
Cost of cab fares: $11
Cost of Kbox: $11.60

Cost of a strong Friendship + awesome buddies + great time together + endless fun and laughter: Priceless

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This pissed me off greatly. The spoiler of the day.

Wanyu to me: Hey I'm sick.. Cannot eat bbq.. Can change place?

Me to Wanyu: (fucking extremely absolutely pissed off and felt like telling her to go eat shit) Then don't come.

Wanyu to me: Ok.

Ten minutes later
Me to Viv: Wanyu not coming tmr. She says she's sick, wan to change place. I had enuff, so I told her not to come.

Viv to Me: Hai why she like that... if we did not include her in the first place we can have bbq!

Three hours later
Me to Viv: Did u say her? If nv, I wanna gif her a fuckin piece of my mind.

Viv to Me: she having sore throat n flu.. so scared spread to us if we share food.. then sore throat so lost voice cannot sing... never mind la sick she also dun wan ma

Me to Viv: (near hysterics) Wah! So coincidental ah?! I'm stil going to gif her a scolding!

Viv to Me: Aiya dont like that la... will spoil the friendship... we just exclude her this time... talk to her some other time la.. shall we?

Me to Viv: (fuming away) This kind of frenship I don't wan. I don't c y I haf to gif in to her always. N it's not like da 1st (nor 2nd, nor 3rd, nor 4th.. I've lost count of how many..) time such tings happen..

Five minutes later, after thinking what I want to say to her...
Me to Wanyu: Do U realised u've fucked tings up big time?! U 4eva screwing up wadeva plans we made at da last minute even when we made da efforts to accomodate to ur whims. I hate being screwed like tat. Tis is da last invitation 4 grp outings to u. U're on ur own. (I felt like ending off the msg with a 'Fuck U!')

Wanyu to Me: Thanks for your efforts..


Couldn't bottle up the anger anymore, was going to spill over. So I called Viv and just bitched. Viv listened quietly and sighed at times. Even bothered to put in good words for Wanyu, but I just blew up and lost it. Why is it that everyone is able to or tries to make the effort to turn up for the girls' outings and she is only thinking of herself? How many more times do we have to give in to her irresponsible ways?! The thought of her nonchalance that Friday night at Fish & Co. was enough to make my blood boil. We changed the time, the date, the venue, the activities, almost everything, just so she could make it! And still, she couldn't make it at the very last minute and usually with very crappy excuses. She's either unappreciative of the efforts to include her in our activities or she's taking us for granted or both. I vote for the latter. She's not even the least remorseful. I am already up to my neck with her pulling the same old stunts time and time again.

After I've hung up the phone with Viv..
Wanyu to Me: Sorry for de trouble I've caused gals.. See ya all in school den.

Wow! Apologies was way too late. Yes, I may seem unreasonable but hey, I don't tolerate such crap. Told Viv that I'm not even gonna acknowledge her presence in school. When I said she's on her own, I mean it!

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I want to get back under the warm covers of my bed! I want to snuggle and curl up on my bed! I want to sleep in on this cool Wednesday morning! *whines* But I can't! I got a silly community involvement project meeting today early in the morning! Someone please kill me and dump my corpse in the outback. See! I'm not even coherent early in the morning. Oh why why why? Why am I freezing and I'm lovin' it?

Ok, enough whining. Time to go take a shower and finish up my t-shirt design.

But the weather's really cool and nice for sleeping in. Why not let me sleep for another few minutes? I'm still a growing kid, and I need my sleep....

*drags my bum off the chair and into the bathroom*

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How You Are In Love

You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time.

You tend to take more than give in relationships.

You tend to get very attached when you're with someone. You want to see your love all the time.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.
How Are You In Love?

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when everything is uncertain, one moment heaven... the next moment hell.

You'd like to your lover to think you are flexible and ready for anything!

You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic.

Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.
What Are The Keys To Your Heart?

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Umm... Where shall I start? Ok, was in school for a group project meeting. Weather was extremely apt for sleeping in cos' it was raining! But I had to drag my arse outta bed early in the morning. Sigh.. Then again, there was seldom a down moment when I'm with my groupmates. Haha.. They rock manx. 90% of the time, I wasn't paying attention to the discussions during the meeting cos' I have no idea what they were talking bout', people weren't really projecting their voice when they speak and I'm hard of hearing. Hehe..

Anyway, one of my groupmates was rather narcissistic! He took our mobile phones and started snapping pictures of himself and asking that these pictures be used as our wallpapers. Haha.. But yar.. Gotta admit that he's rather photogenic.

Presenting to you... Shaiful the Mickey Mouse!

And now.. Shaiful the act-cute! Wahahhaa!!!

Damn blogspot! Took a freaking 35 minutes to just upload the pictures. Grr... Sorry, but I'm a rather impatient person. Anyway girls, if you like how Shaiful looks, just leave your email address at my tag and I'll pass it on to him. Pssst... He's still single and available yar. Haha... Yes yes, I can see all you girls out there starting to gush and drool all over his pics. *winks*

Then met up with Vivien after the meeting. She was keeping her boyfriend company for lunch. We saw lots of weird people at the canteen and I also saw one of my sister's friends who was there for attachment. Said hi to her, but couldn't remember her name. Haha.. But now I know her name already. Then Viv and I did something pretty silly cos' we had nothing better to do. Muahahaha!! We saw this guy sitting opposite our table, and we were guessing if he's a virgin or not. Viv was adamant that he is still a virgin cos' he looks very studious, nerdy, geeky and overdecent. He is a young man and had on specs that settled very near the tip of his nose. He doesn't even bother to push them up a little. He was dressed in a simple t-shirt with blue jeans. Haha.. I insisted that you can't really determine if a guy is a virgin or not just by his looks or dress sense! But yar, I told Viv that such guys are very interesting specimens, ones which I can experiment on. *rubs my hands and cackles evilly* Then later, Viv asked her boyfriend to look at the guy and guess if he's still a virgin. And his boyfriend said yes! Then Viv told him that I like these kinda boys cos' they look kinda blur and silly and that I find that rather cute. Bleahx! Made me blush and slap her thighs. Haha..

Ahhh.. Then Viv sent her boy boy off to the exam venue before we proceeded to Jurong Point for lots of window shopping. Shiok! First, we went to the pet shop. Then, we went to have lunch at Pizza Hut! Ah, I'm a lil embarrassed bout what I had for lunch today. Haha... But it was rather crappy cos' at first they forgot to serve us the coke we ordered. And eons after they realised that their mistake, the waiter spilt the glass of coke onto my legs and they were drenched in sugary liquid. On certain occasions, I would have been happy cos' I would have enjoyed having a guy lick my sugar-coated leg clean. But hey, I was a lil shocked cos' it happened so fast, then shock turned to embarrassment which then turned to irritation cos' my whole leg including the slippers were sticky. Worse still, the staff just leave the mess on the floor without clearing up. Worst still, the crew manager and waiter only apologised profusely but did not offer any other forms of compensation. Talk about improving customer service. Pffft!

That was probably the most happening thing of the day. The rest of the day was spent doing window shopping and a lil snack shopping to burn off the calories I piled on during lunch. Oh yar! Viv and I also bought ourselves a nice little gift each. Mine in my favourite colour - Red and Viv's in baby blue! Girls, you'll get to see what it is on Thursday. For now, we are not telling! Haha..

I can't wait for Thursday!!! Remember? Remember?! How we stuffed ourselves silly with food?! How we sang till our voices were hoarse?! How silly we acted?! How wild we partied?! How exhausted we got ourselves?! *bounces on my seat excitedly* Then there's Sentosa on Friday!!! *breaks my seat and lands on the floor* Now, this is life.

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Your Heart Is Red

You're a passionate lover - you always have a huge fire in your heart.
Too bad it's hard for you to be passionate about just one person!

Your flirting style: Outgoing and sexy

Your lucky first date: Drinks and dancing

Your dream lover: Is both stable and intense

What you bring to relationships: Honesty
What Color Heart Do You Have?

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Man... I just woke up and the sides of my eyes are itchy. Anyway an update on the past few days. Exams ended on Friday. Pretty much screwed it, left out a 6 marks question! And it was a simple yes, no, true, false question. I could really smack myself for that. Sigh... But it's finally time to PARTY!!! Yes!!! After which, it was dinner with the girls at Fish & Co., did a bit of window shopping and grocery shopping, and it was home sweet home after that.

Saturday morning was gloomy. Went to Science Centre for a course. Took a taxi there cos' I was supposed to meet Viv and Jas at the Macs there for breakfast and I was running late. Taxi uncle asked if I was working at Science Centre prolly cos' of my dressing. Haha.. Anyway, after the course, we 3 girls went to its shop called Curiosity. And we saw this.

*Gasps* Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Could it be.................... a dildo?

Woot! It's a damn suitable tool for wanking eh? A finger-shaped dildo! Erm... except that it's too slim. They should make it thicker and it would be selling like hotcakes! And there was a whole box of them on the shelf!

Umm... But this is not Sexpo! We saw that at Science Centre. Revealing the truth bout' the finger-shaped object...

Tada! It's a pen with sound effects. Although it doesn't seem like it cos' I heard nothing when I pulled on the pen. But still, it would have made a good dildo.

Afternoon was bright and sunny. Viv, Jas and I left the Science Centre and proceeded onwards to Kbox for some destress time. I was kinda tired and a little frustrated with the girls cos' I was pressed for time and they were doing window shopping. Haha.. When we finally reached Jurong Entertainment Centre, we went to Long John's Silver and ordered packed food to bring into Kbox. Ermm... Bringing outside food in for consumption is illegal. Haha.. So we hid our food out of sight till we were shown to our room and the waiter has left. Then we ate discreetly while singing while keeping a lookout. We were almost found out when the waiter came back to bring us to another room! But we were alert and due to Viv's quick thinking, the waiter's attention was diverted for a few minutes while we hastily repacked our food.

Anyway, our new room is kinda in a deserted area so we were able to finish our food in peace. Haha.. Know what our new room number is?

Woah! One of the best known positions in Karma Sutra! The day seems to be sex-linked!

Sweet.. So we had loads of singing, loads of fun and loads of laughter. Sigh.. Too bad Eve couldn't join us. And let's not even talk bout' Wanyu. She has seriously pissed me off big time. I feel that she never makes an effort for our girls' outings. If she can't be bothered, neither can I. I propose that we leave her out in whatever upcoming outings. Take the night at Fish & Co. for example. Viv, Jas and I were busy making plans and decisions for BBQ/steamboating. Wanyu kept quiet and was engrossed in her comics. What the FUCK?! She played us out the other time when she was supposed to book chalet for us. And now, her stupid jap anime comics are more interesting than us? Besides, we were originally planning BBQ and perhaps a 2D1N chalet. Because of that screw-up aka Wanyu who came up with 1001 reasons excuses, the original plan was not feasible! So, we changed it to steamboat + Kbox. Yes, we were extremely considerate and tolerant, giving in to her whims time and time again. Sonofabitch-mutherfucking-asshole!

Leaving that aside, we Kbox-ed for about 4 hours and bade each other goodbye. I went home, took a bath and got ready for BBQ at a friend's place. Met up with a very good sister of mine first before proceeding to the BBQ venue together. BBQ was fun! But it was made up of 2 cliques anyway. 1 clique was the hostess's friends outside work while the other was the hostess's friends at work. I belonged to the latter. It was good to see my former colleauges again! So the 2nd clique was busy BBQ-ing food while the 1st clique made small talk and played with their card games. Haha.. Doesn't matter cos' they got all the burnt food as we were struggling to keep the fire under control. Till the end, the BBQ-ed food was superb and we hogged that. Haha... And poor me, I stood in front of the flame and my thighs were being BBQ-ed too! But, I didn't eat much. I prefer cooking during the BBQ to eating the BBQ-ed food. Phobia of eating something not cooked properly and end up getting diarrheoa! EEeewww... Sorry Josh, I forgot to take pictures of the food. Too busy BBQ-ing chicken wings. Haha.. There was a lot of food though. Haha... By the way, someone dropped a glob of charsiew sauce on me and I went "Who wanna BBQ me ah?! Food not enough ah?!"

After eating, the 2 cliques got together and decided to play a game called Asshole. The guys were so afraid of offending us girls with the word 'Asshole' that it took them quite a while to spit it out. And when it was finally spat out, I was like 'wtf?!'. I'm seriously not a saint (the adjective to describe me is Saint-I-Am-Not Steph), and I say 'Asshole' and 'Fuck' and all those crap in school like prolly a gazillion times a day? I practically rolled my eyes but yeah, my response was "OOOoook. What's wrong with saying 'Asshole?' I say it at least once a day in school." Their response? A relieved but amused laughter. Then we, the 2nd clique, left at about 11pm. Bus drivers seem to be in a rush that night, not stopping their buses despite us flagging it down. Goddamned sonofabitches! Despite all that, I had loads tons of fun and laughter with my friends. We all had a great time! By the time I got home, I was so exhausted and went to sleep.

Final note: I'm really happy, not only because I'm blessed with so many fantabulous buddies and friends, but also because my period finally came and was regular after 2 months! Now, I truly feel like a woman! Haha.. Shan't gross you out with the details. But yeah, YAY!!!

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

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Someone enlighten me on this please. Why is it that although guys claim to like you, they still blow hot and cold so very often? When you finally warm up to their teasings and affection and all, they would suddenly act as if you're such a bother and then give you the cold shoulder, answering you in monosyllables. Then when you decided you have had enough and started giving them the cold shoulder, they would suddenly act as if you are their world, and shower more attention and affection on you.

Haha... Men do like to play the game of cat and mouse. Thing is, who's the cat and who's the mouse? Doesn't matter to me. I'm an eel, an electric eel, a moray eel. You don't hold on to me good, you lose me forever. You try to hurt me, I'll fight back. You think I look harmless, but looks are deceiving cos' I can be strong. But nuff' said! I'm just sooooo not interested in you two guys anymore. Enough is enough!

That's my mindfucking session for today. Going back to school again to do some more mindfucking for my last paper which is tomorrow. Can't wait!!!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sigh... I feel really bloated, ugly, fat, slimy, hot, sticky, lethargic, etc. these few days. Maybe it's the weather? Or the pressure? Or lack of sleep? I don't know. I just feel soooo not myself. Phew! All those negative aura/energy around me. I seriously need a good vacation and loads of fun and wild time after all the exams.

Sometimes, I really envy the relationship Viv shares with her sweetheart. Man, it never fails to make me feel awkward having to witness their display of affection. Haha... Yar Viv! I do, at times, feel so out of place, so extra. Like what Nora said, I'm not a light bulb, I'm a lamp post. Haha.. Pathetic, ain't I?

10 months ago, I was bad with my words. 10 months ago, I lost the chance of being able to take the friendship one step further because of what I said. 10 months ago, I was too self-consumed and failed to see how important you are to me. 10 months later, I was enlightened and felt the impact of my mistake. 10 months later, I suffered and paid a price for that mistake. 10 months later, you turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to whatever happened in my daily life.

He said, "I'm leaving tomorrow. But I guess it doesn't matter to you, right?"

"Yup, it's none of my business. Bon voyage." I replied.


Anyway, I do admit I'm a rather stuck-up bitch practical lady when it comes to boy-girl relationships. I can play hard to get, but I can't say the same for a guy who is trying to get my attention. Don't give me crap like you're busy and you don't even have time to say hi/bye to me. You seriously do not know what you are doing to my mind and heart. Want me to spell it out? Well, fine.. You are F-U-C-K-I-N-G aka S-C-R-E-W-I-N-G with them. And I do not like getting fucked nor screwed that way. So you can jolly well go screw yourself and yes, that will make me really happy! From what I know, you're dead and forgotten, JS!

*muackx* I love myself sooooo very much. I'm such a bitch with a bad ass attitude.

WildChild @ 10:10 pm | comment link here

Monday, November 14, 2005

Xiao Dou Dou lurves to do this every morning. Perhaps it's self entertainment? Or daily morning exercise. She lurves to jump and tries to jump high enough to grab onto the sides of the container and haul her heavy body out. Oh well.. But after her daily jumps, if she fails to jump out of her container, she will give up and bury herself deep into her beddings and pant heavily, looking dejected.

Sigh... I give up! Trying to jump out is tiring...

And after moping over her failure, she would start foraging for food. And after having eaten, she would go into this state - hibernation.

Ahhh... A good sleep is essential after a meal to aid in my digestion.. zzzZZ...

Next, as promised, I would like to present this very perverted special friend of mine - Freddy Krueger!

Please click on all the screenshots to enlarge them for easier reading.

Freddy's just been Stebbie'd! Bwaahahahaa!!! That's for saying I act cute and your asshole is cuter than I. Never push the wrong button when it comes to women. Haha.. *sayang Freddy*

WildChild @ 1:30 pm | comment link here

Whoa whoa whoa!!! Mom blasted the radio with her Liang Shan Bo yu Zhu Ying Tai cd early in the goddamn freaking morning. *curses like mad* Ok, maybe not early morning, cos' I woke up only at 11am. Haha... But those shrill voices really scratches my eardrums into shreds and pieces, my ears are bleeding. Mommy, typical traditional chinese woman. Sigh... No wonder she always get mistaken for a Chinese national aka Cheena from China. And I often get mistaken for either a Malay, a Peranakan or Minah cos' of my small eyes, oval face, tanned skin and weird accent.

Anyway, now enjoying a glass of grapefruit juice mixed with blackcurrent juice with aloe vera bits. Tastes awesome. At least it made it easier to down the pure concentrated grapefruit juice. Later gonna study for the last paper with Viv at Macs. Umm.. Too bad she rejected the offer to accompany me to Batam for a holiday with my family and relatives. It would have been fun! Umm... Nevermind, I'll ask my other gurlfrens. Haha... Then I could get my bronze tan and do my spa and massage there, cheaper leh! Haha... Can't wait!!!

WildChild @ 11:35 am | comment link here

Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's Sunday already?! Man.. Time flies like Superman, you know, like at the speed of lightning. Supposed to be swimming in the morning but wasn't disciplined enough to drag my arse out of bed again. Besides, Sapph didn't want to keep me company at the pool. Heh.. Excuses, excuses, excuses...

Anyway, an update on yesterday. Mom found out about Xiao Dou Dou in less than 24 hours. I seriously applaud my mom, she can be too smart for her own good. Hahaha... Well, I wasn't at home when she found that furball. According to my sister, Xiao Dou Dou escaped from her home and was crawling around under my bed at the time when my mom was cleaning up my room. The rest was history. But when I returned home to face the music, a surprise awaits me. I was expecting loads of screaming and shouting and nagging from my mom. But none of that happened. She just sat there as usual, very quiet. Maybe Xiao Dou Dou managed to capture my mom's heart? Or maybe my mom finally realised that I am a stubborn lil asshole? Heh heh.. So, my hammie container was brought out into the living room and Xiao Dou Dou was placed with the other hammies. I sat down in front of my laptop and pretended to busy myself with work. Still, she said nothing. Yet, after her nap, she started nagging a lil at me and exposing my dirty lil trick at how I tried to bring Xiao Dou Dou home without her knowing and hiding that hammie from her. Haha.. See! I told you my mom's too smart for her own good. Oh well, I guess my mom knows me best.

Back to today, weather is a killer! Dammit! I do love the sun and all. But these few days, it seems like the air is kinda dirty and heavy. Coupled with the sun, I just melt like butter on a hot pan. Filthy air and high temperature make my skin itch and I'm breaking out into rashes again. Luckily, I've got the Prickly Heat Powder and Dettol antiseptic. Bagus!

Sigh.. At the rate my mom is cooking, how am I to go on a diet?! I need to get myself presentable and ready for Christmas and Chinese New Year!!! *panics* I've already decided to scrimp and save for these two months so I can go on a spending spree! Manicures, pedicures, spas, massages, shopping for clothes and jewellery, give my hair a makeover, men-watching, parties and BBQs, etc. *squeals* Osh Gosh Bu Gosh! I can't wait to do all the above and have fun with my gurlfrens!!! Hehe.. I'm also going to give mommy a surprise gift for finally accepting my wilful ways and my hammies. Haha.. Goodness, I still have got one more exam paper to sit for and I'm already thinking 'bout fun and play. Tsk tsk... Shall go for a walk at the reservoir later on. Enjoy the sun, the breeze and the sea view of the big pool of water with its monitor lizards. Haha.. Adios amigos!

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Was so stressed up the past few days over my exams, and finally reached the breaking point yesterday. Studied till 1am and dragged my arse out of bed at 5.30 6a.m this morning just so I could do some last minute mugging. Woot! Adrenaline rushed as I left home 50 mins before the commencement of the exam. Picked Viv and her friends up in my Porsche a taxi on the way to school. Reached school in 20 mins.

Jas sat in front of me and Vivien behind me. Shiok! Halfway through the exam of 72 MCQ questions, I felt exhausted. Osh Gosh Bu Gosh! I psychoed myself to focus and pushed on. Heh, like what Mrs Chua said, I never fail to be ever so optimistic in the face of adversity and my sense of willpower is bigger than my elephantogantic ego! I seldom get bowled over and even if I did, I bounce back with a force greater than gravity! Ok, that doesn't make sense. Anyway, it was over in two and a half hours! Whoopeeeee! After which, we proceeded to the canteen to have our lunch and the usual chit-chat. Yummmmmmy...

Then, we went to Jurong Point and dropped by the pet shop to get the hamster I mentioned about three days ago and I couldn't stop thinking about. Heh, what the heck! I couldn't care less what my mom would do if she finds out, that is, if she ever finds out. Psssst... I hid her under my bed. Hahahaha...

AWWwww... Have you ever seen such a cute angelic lil sweetie pie?!

She is sooooooooooooooo furry and fat.

Nope, she's obese! O-B-E-S-E... Obeseeeeee....

101 ways on how to become obese? Always look for food, food and more food...

Haha.. Everyone fell in love with her when they saw this ball of fur. At first, I thought of naming her Lao Fo Ye (empress dowager), but later changed her name to Xiao Dou Dou (Lil pea). Muahaha..

Weather sucks these days, so everybody must take care ok? Drink lots of water and avoid too many late nights. If not, you'll probably end up having a sore throat and a heavy head, like me. Gambatte everybody! Let's chiong for the last paper which is on next Friday! Then we can PARTY after that! YEAHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Oh dammit! My hammie bit me on my finger. And there's a small cut which is bleeding. Oh Oh OOOoooh... But I think I deserved it 'cos I disturbed him while he was sleeping. Haha! Was rubbing his lil big pink furry balls and his white furry head. What a lil brat! Don't males like to get their balls rubbed? Bwahahha...

BuBu sleeping like a lil asshole sweetheart. AWWwww...

OOoooh.. That lil bugga sweetheart turned around and slept somemore.

And that was when I decided to poke my finger into the cage to sayang him. Ummm...

OOOOooWWww!!! He bit me! I smacked his head with my other finger to get him to let go off my finger.

That dimwit scurried off to one corner to munch on the jap tidbits I bought for him yesterday when he realised he's in BIG trouble his mistake. Acting all so innocent...

And so.. Of cos, all baddies need to be taught a lesson. I decided to take my revenge on this ingrate! Muahahaha...

Took a pic of his big furry pink balls and lil weenie. The yellowish spot on top is his belly button and yes, hammies HAVE belly buttons too. Hah Hah Hah! Men BuBu XXXposed!

After putting up a struggle and trying to cover his manhood to prevent me from taking a pic of it, he's tired and ashamed. Buried half of himself into the bedding. Ahhh... Sweet revenge!

This is ZaiZai! She's a gurl. My preciousssssss....... *muackx* Don't believe she's a gurl? I've got proof!

Hah! See?! No big furry pink balls, no lil weenies. She's a gurl! Oh, she posed willingly for this pic ah. I never forced her k.

Note: No animals were harmed in this photoshoot. I am not into beastiality.............yet!

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Your Birthdate: October 19

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Having had to grow up quickly, you tend to discount the advice of others.
You tend to be a loner, having learned that the only person you can depend on is yourself.

Your strength: Well developed stability and confidence

Your weakness: Suspicion of others

Your power color: Eggplant

Your power symbol: Spade

Your power month: October
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

I give up on you! I get so many opinions about what you said. Funny thing is that these opinions differ from my own about you. Tell me what you think! I wanna know how YOU feel. I've told you how I felt already, it's your turn to do so now.

Time and tide waits for no man...

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Damn! I saw this really cute guinea pig and hamster at the Jurong Point Pet Station last night. They were both female. The guinea pig has got silky white fur and big patches of brown around her black eyes. Her tummy is sooooo round and she is just soooooo adorable! She's one of the smaller ones in the containers and tend to get bullied around by the bigger ones. AWWww... I cradled her close to my chest and held her firmly while stroking her gently with my hands. Such a lil beauty. The hamster is a pudding breed, with streaks of white on her pale beige fur. She's obese! Haha... A round ball of silky thick fur and extremely active. Me and Viv thought she was kinda silly 'cos she walked right into the water dish TWICE instead of going round the dish to get to the other side. Cute right?! Oh, she was also considered pretty big in size for a dwarf hamster. Sigh.. It's such a pity mommy refuses to let me keep any more animals in the house. For the record, I currently only have got two hamsters. Oh well...

This morning I finally told the guy I like that I like him! There! I finally gotten it off my chest and said it! Haha.. But, I didn't exactly told him the whole truth.

Me said:
umm... r u free? cox i need to tell u sumting..
Me said:
sumting i needed to get off my chest for a very long time..
Me said:
u lemme noe when u're free...

He says: wassup
Me says: dunno.. lost da courage to say it.. lolx
Me says: jux 4geddit
He says: ?
Me says: nothing
He says: y
Me says: y wad?
He says: wat happened ?
Me says: nothing happened.. but i jux felt that i need to clear the air.. or rather jux voice out wadeva there is i wanted to say
He says: ya, wat abt ?
Me says: haha.. it's silly lahx.. u'd probably laff at me manx.. yikex..
He says: say loh
Me says: anyway.. i needa say it sooner or later... if not can't move on with my present relationship
Me says: ah.. wad da heck..
Me says: i liked u b4
Me says: haha.. there! i said it
He says: haha somehow i knew
He says: u nv met mi b4, right?

Me says: Yar, tat's y i said it was silly!
He says: cos u told me ur troubles n all tat
Me says: yar yar

OK! So yar, I hate giving him the satisfaction of knowing that I've been holding a torch for him. But he doesn't know how long I've been holding the torch. Setting the record straight, I've liked him for close to 1 year and I lied that I have a boyfriend right now. Like what Liz said, 'You like him and still acting so proud.' Heh... I know why I had to tell him the truth. Firstly, it sucks having to bottle up all the feelings inside for one year! Hated all the mixed signals we sent to each other all these while. Secondly, I'm curious to know how he would react. Thirdly, I need to move on. Perhaps, just perhaps, somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I have hopes that he would suggest taking our friendship to another level. However, from the above conversation we had, I wasn't able to give you more details about what he thought because that was the whole conversation! Yup, so regardless of whether I had ruined my happiness by fabricating a lie or he doesn't feel the same towards me, I'm determined to forget him and just move on full steam ahead.


He says: (: sorry had to answer a phone call
He says: but u hav a bf right
Me says: urmmm... it's ok
Me says: yar.. (*winces*)
He says: haha glad to hear (*winces*)
He says: rem u still tell me u r not gg to get a bf ever
Me says: nope.. dun rmb tat

Any experts? Care to shed some light on what he may have been thinking, especially from a male perspective? Thanks..

WildChild @ 11:14 am | comment link here

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sometimes, fate does like to play this big fat silly dumb moronic nincompoopic goddamn assholed screwed-up joke on u. Can this day get any worse? Blocked nose, aching heart, anger at a broken promise.

Asked Viv what's the big deal about being in a relationship, cause all you ever do is just to have meals together and watch movies together. It's boring. Viv said, 'No, there's more to that. When you're happy or sad, you want to share it with him. When you've got good or bad news, you want to let him know first. When you've got a silly joke from someone else, you would be eager to try it on him.'

Well, I guess what she said does make some sense. But I'm beginning to lose hope. It's such a pretty cute fucked up relationship friendship I have with two guys. Guy A is disappointed with me, and I'm disappointed with Guy B. Putting it in the passive form, I've disappointed Guy A and Guy B has disappointed me. Tada! Hey, but come to think of it, I'm pretty disappointed with Guy A too! See what I mean by saying that this is soooo incredibly fucked up?

Anyway, my friends happened to be the other matter that screwed up my morning. Woke up, went to the toilet, heard my mobile phone laughing evilly, came out, picked up the phone to see who's messaged me.

Eh steph ah. I don't feel like going for chalet. My mum told me not to go.

The roll of the thunder! The flash of lightning! The pouring of a heavy rain! Ya Ya, I'm exaggerating. That's not going to happen today. Just imagine that shock, that horror, that disappointment anger that coursed through my veins. I've been waiting for that day, planning for that day, even willing to skip my project meeting and bear the brunt of being labelled an asshole, just so I could have this chalet with my gurlfrens. And she has to dash it all with just one short message.

Sorry la.. Don't be mad..

Ha! You're asking me to do the impossible. Just like how I replied persuading you to go but my efforts went down the drain. And that gives me every right to be angry with you! Me and Viv have been planning so long for the chalet. Eve and Jas are also looking forward to having a fun-filled and crazed chalet. At the last minute, when everything was about to be confirmed, you just have to spoil it all! Ah... Heck it then! Chalet is off! You gurls go do whatever you want. I wash my hands off it!

Going back to school later, gonna study doubly hard for my exams.

WildChild @ 10:58 am | comment link here

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hubba Hubba!!!

Blogging fever is back!

Will start the blogging madness tomorrow. Nights all!

WildChild @ 8:26 pm | comment link here

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